Mar 26, 2013
A great Canadian Music Fest!
Before we fly back to our homes in the west, we just want to thank everyone for an excellent week! First, a big thank you to the good people at Audioblood Media for their support and all the wonderful things they have done for us so far. Thy played a big part in our wonderful and busy schedule this week and we are so very excited to be working with them this year. We had the privilege of playing some great gigs at The Dakota Tavern and the Pledge Music Loft 406 party this weekend, some sweaty rock’n’roll, good beverages and friendships were exchanged, and we are going to be leaving this beautiful city with smiles on our faces! Also, we just want to say how much we appreciate everyone >> read more
Mar 25, 2013
Home(s) Streaming Now On MTV and Exclaim!
This week get a sneak peak at Acres Of Lions new album “Home(s)” on either the Exclaim! Magazine or MTV Canada websites. The album comes out April 2nd in Canada and is available for pre-order now from Cordova Bay Records. It will also be released in Japan on April 17 via Bullion Records. >> read more
Mar 22, 2013
Canadian Music Week is upon us!
Recap on the last few days here in The Big Smoke, things are going swimmingly as we approach Day 4! Yesterday was our first big day at the festival and it was a whirlwind as expected, a frenzy of artists and friends alike in the lobby of a fancy hotel, relationships built on years of trust, opportunities and bloody good times shared by all in the name of art, music and film. The wisdom passed on is worth the years taken off of our lives by the caffeine, chemicals and appetite suppressants taken to survive the event. It’s a true gem of the Canadian industry. Okay, recap: We hit the CBC Music Lounge first thing, which was amazing to participate in and showcase some of our new songs to a >> read more
ISC 2013
Mar 1, 2013
International Songwriting Competition Finalists
Acres Of Lions song “Reaction” has made it to the finals for the 2013 International Songwriting Competition. Past winners have included Gotye, among others, and the final round will be judged by panel of celebrity artists and influential music executives, such as: Tom Waits, Jeff Beck, Tegan and Sara, Mark Foster (Foster The People), Gerald Casale (Devo), Black Francis (The Pixies), Robert Smith (The Cure), and Darryl McDaniels (Run D.M.C.). >> read more
Mar 1, 2013
2013 is off to a great start!
Well hello there again, friends! Here’s a picture of Dan as a zombie for a cheap laugh: We hope everyone’s initial 2 months of the new year have been just wonderful. It’s been awhile since the last blog entry, I know… we’ve been planning like there is no tomorrow and we finally thought it was time to share some of them with you! First things first! We trust you have been listening to our new single “Bright Lights?” If so, we absolutely WANT to know what YOU think of it… it’s been out for almost a month now, and we would love to hear your thoughts! For those of you who haven’t heard it, get on it below and comment away: You may also here it on our FACEBOOK if >> read more