Apr 16, 2013
Straight Up Good Times in Alberta!
As expected, the minute we cross the BC border into Alberta, we hit snow… in April. We even took the winter tires off of the van thinking it was going to be bright and sunny for the rest of our days… SO not the case. We made it to Calgary just fine, no potential accidents or close-calls… but hey, when in Canada, probably best to keep your vehicle being Canadian and ready for anything… like black ice and wind gusts, or high mountain roads and unpredictable and sudden weather changes, even in the summer. DUH. The gig in Calgary was quite the spectacle! We were two bands into the six band show at The New Black, and a transformer exploded and took out power on the entire block. All of >> read more
Apr 15, 2013
Victoria House Concerts B Footage!
Hello there, folks! As you may or may not know, on April 3rd we performed once again, our 3rd featured edition of Victoria House Concerts B, in the house of our dear friend Andy! We played two sets for an absolutely wonderful and enthusiastic Victoria audience, comfy and cozy in the living room. There have been some people messaging us during that time and even weeks later, expressing their regret that they could not catch the show… BUT NOW, thanks to our good buddy Darren Ho, we have some great footage from the house concert for all of you who missed out to peruse and enjoy at your leisure! Check them out! Old Town Signs and Wonders Indian Summer (Pedro The Lion Cover) For more and more videos of our >> read more
Apr 11, 2013
Video from our Album Release Show!
Here’s a few live videos taken from our Album Release Party set at Lucky Bar last week! We thought we would throw these up for those who didn’t have a chance to make it down to the gig and wanted to hear some new material! Big thanks to Darren Ho and Adam Lee from Magmazing Music and Victoria Music Scene for filming! Bright Lights Old Town Prairie Fire Homes Great Escape Miserable Together Never Let Me Go Signs and Wonders >> read more
Apr 8, 2013
Back on the road, and we brought a friend!
Hey friends! We are finally back on the road this week after spending a good week in Victoria catching up, and it feels so good! We brought a friend with us this time around, to take some beautiful photos and videos and help us sell our finest and cheapest of Acres Of Lions products directly to you at the gigs… Her name is Lindsey Blane. She is an excellent photographer, experienced cat lover, kind of a big deal and an all around good buddy… we are so excited to have her travel with us for the next week, hopefully scar and trauma free! The first stop was The Royal on Baker St in Nelson BC! It was a rather rainy Sunday evening, but it didn’t seem to stop the great >> read more
Apr 8, 2013
Bright Lights on The Seen!
Hey friends! Check out this beautiful video our good friends Daniel Pender and David Lennam of “The Seen” shot of Tyson and Jeff performing an acoustic version of our new single “Bright Lights.” The video was shot and recorded in Victoria’s own Market Square (In front of the majestic Bead World, yaaaa!) This video is also the debut of Tyson’s new glasses… Enjoy! Acres of Lions – Bright Lights from Daniel Pender on Vimeo. PARTY/BONUS/EXTRA: For the full interview with David Lennam and The Seen, Episode 42 in its entirety, check out the video below… Jeff can’t say the word parenthesis… whatta boob! Talk to you soon, folks… Enjoy! >> read more