International Songwriting Competition | The #1 Song Contest for Songwriters
May 1, 2013
3rd place in International Songwriting Competition
Acres Of Lions “Reaction” has beat out thousands of song submissions to place 3rd in the International Songwriting Competition’s Pop/Top40 category. For more information about the competition visit: >> read more
Apr 29, 2013
Maritime adventure!
Guys, finally, after all these years, we managed to take our tour our to the East Coast! It was a long trek from Thunder Bay to Saint Andrews New Brunswick, with a couple stops in Sudbury and Quebec City, but the van held up and did an outstanding job with the 20 hour drive and as always, she got us right where we needed to be, and much earlier than expected, leaving us a good amount of time to explore the rainy streets, warm pubs and the seaside at low tide in the quaint little town of Saint Andrews next to the Bay of Fundy. According to the locals, this wasn’t the ideal time to be playing monster gigs around these parts, but it was a solid night of tunes >> read more
Apr 24, 2013
Saskatoon, Junofest and a quick night in Thunder Bay!
Our trek continues with the longest drives you’ve ever seen and a steady diet of black coffee and Tim Horton’s everything bagels as we move this “what we thought was spring but feels more like winter” tour into Ontario! In a recap of the past week, we saw Saskatoon again for the first time in a long time! We actually had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some good friends, our boys in Fisticuffs and 2012 Peak Performance Project Winner, our homie Jordan Klassen! A band from Whitehorse called Old Time Machine opened the show at Vangeli’s Tavern… and as far as we’re concerned, they could have played all night long and we really wouldn’t have minded… make sure to go give them a spin on whatever music tech >> read more
Apr 18, 2013
Home(s) Album Released in Japan
Our brand new album, titled “Home(s)”, is available now in music stores throughout Japan. Thanks to Daisuke and Bullion Records for helping Acres Of Lions find an audience in Japan. >> read more
Apr 16, 2013
Breakfast Television Edmonton!
Hi friends! We just wanted to let you know that recently we were featured on Breakfast Television Edmonton! Thanks to all who tuned in to City TV last Friday morning at 8:00 am to catch the performances! For those of you who would not dare to wake at such an early hour, please check out the following videos of our songs PRAIRIE FIRE and an acoustic version BRIGHT LIGHTS online! >> read more