Canada Day 2013
Jun 30, 2013
Canada Day in BC Capital City of Victoria
Join Acres Of Lions this coming Monday for Victoria, BC’s CANADA DAY 2013 celebration. The band will be appearing on the Main Stage in front of the Legislative Buildings at 7:40 PM sharp. Other notable acts include Kathryn Calder, The Odds, and Hey Ocean! More information about the event can be found on the website. Also, for those of you tweeting about the day long festivities, the hash tag this year is: #yyjcanadaday >> read more
Jun 15, 2013
Bring on The Summer!
Hello there again, Fantastic Friends! Summer is upon us, and I think we can all agree that this is generally a good thing. It means that it is time for all the iced drinks, swim-wear at all times, real life tans, tons of friends and of course, SUMMER FESTIVALS! As you may already know, friends, we have long returned from our spring tour that took place from the months of March to late May, and as we are absolutely sad to be off the road for awhile… I mean nothing can really compare to the constant travel, the flow of amazing gigs across the country, the incredible music provided by excellent bands and artists and most of all, being stuffed in a van yet again with your best friends… BUT, >> read more
May 14, 2013
Canadian Veins 2013
A good rock tour is short, sweet and to the point. It’s always been a belief, that even the shortest tours can accomplish big things. They inspire strong friendships and create allies to cover ground together and explore uncharted territory. What at first is a plan between business-savvy musician-folk meant to correlate mutual fans and industry for benefit, to collaborate and create success, becomes a musical endeavor in which, fans, friends and tour-mates alike will never forget the emotion and effort put into giving it your all every single night, whether extensive or brief. Toronto pop-punk band Thunderhawks combined with Pennsylvania’s Kingsfoil gave us just that opportunity to experience, a solid moment in time. The tour began in Montreal at Quai des Brumes, a quaint little bar off a main >> read more
May 7, 2013
Next Time on The Amazing Race: PEI to Quebec City
There are few things as beautiful as the bridge to Prince Edward Island. This is something we found out recently. We came. We saw. Dan didn’t quite get red dirt in his eyes, which apparently is an expression from around these parts that he made up, but we played a great gig at the renowned Hunter’s Ale House for a stunning crowd of locals who made us feel right at home even though we were almost at the furthest point from it. The boys in The Town Heroes and Coyote made sure we had an excellent time while in Charlottetown by A) providing homemade lasagna and wine, hours of the finest quality of East coast Youtube sensations and lodgings, B) A solid gig at an awesome venue where the “Acres >> read more
May 3, 2013
Halifax… we hardly knew ye…
Driving into Nova Scotia was a good moment… we felt like explorers in uncharted territory, trying to find an appropriate name and failing, to greedily claim it for ourselves as if it had never had feet set upon it… the silly games we play. We have been to Halifax in previous years for gigs by plane, with just our guitars and our foreign soil stuck to our shoes, but never like this. Never with the van and our entire life in the backseat. It was a good feeling. We raced through a rainstorm of mist from Moncton to get to work on time, and Hey! Whaddya know!? We were successful in doing so! We would just like to thank the fine individuals at Live 105 Loud in Halifax for having >> read more