2012 002
Jun 10, 2012
Jobfest 2012 Blog (Entry 18)
June 4th and 5th Dan: “I love summer weather. We can have BBBQ‘s! The extra B is for BYOBB!” Jeff: “What’s THAT extra B for?” Dan: “That’s a typo.” Well if it isn’t the energetic city of Fort St. John! Total flood-fest! We spent a few rainy days here in town, our Jobfest performance being stripped down to a solo performance due to the whole bulk of our equipment not being waterproof thing, where there was a lot of experimental out of control delay (or “space sounds” as some of the older folk call it), old punk rock covers and a few certain Jobfest crew members braving the stage and helping us out with a few backing vocals. I mean, they hear the same songs every day, they know the >> read more
2012 015
Jun 7, 2012
Jobfest 2012 Blog (Entry 17)
June 2nd and 3rd Driving off the highway, into the woods, down a path to the Prophet River Jobfest site: Jeff: “Dan, I think I hear wolves howlin’ for you, bud!” Dan: I think any dog who decides to make a meal out of me will be extremely disappointed when they find I am made of sand, alcohol and rubber.” Dan steps out of the van and is immediately surrounded by dogs (true story) Prophet River was extremely fun! It started off a cold day, as we set up in a field next to the community centre, the locals who came down for the day building a giant roaring campfire for everyone to stay warm and cook food if they like. They also brought their dogs with them (the ones >> read more
2012 002
Jun 7, 2012
Jobfest 2012 Blog (Entry 16)
May 28th – June 1st Jeff: “Hey bro, what doin’ tonight?” Dan: “I might stay in. I got some wine, gonna steal some bubble bath and watch Enterprise.” Jeff: “You’re such a catch.” Dan: “Yeah man, I’m totally taking myself out on a date.” Our almost week in Fort Nelson was a good one! We had the pleasure of staying in a Ramada that had awesome kitchenettes where we had, and experimented with, many various culinary endeavors, such as tacos, cooking a whole chicken and Beer-Gueritas, where you blend ice in with a couple Coronas and some limeade. Trust us, they’re delicious. It was insanely hot here the whole week so hardly anyone wore sleeves or pants, lending some hilarity to impending farmer tans that are slowly enveloping us and >> read more
Jun 6, 2012
“Kids” is the Modern Rock Inbox Pick
Our new single “Kids” just got added to The Zone 91.3 FM Modern Rock Inbox. Please help us get it into regular rotation by voting for it on The Zone’s website! >> read more
Jun 6, 2012
Cover Song Tuesday – NOFX
Hello again, and welcome back to “Cover Song Tuesday!” This week’s feature song is NOFX‘ “Kids of the K-Hole.” Please enjoy, and remember to subscribe to our YouTube page to get next week’s feature cover song first, as well as more of our music and videos! Thanks again and see you next week! – acres #coversongtuesday >> read more