Sep 13, 2012
Acres Fall Tour Blog #2
“Jesus Christ, that’s a big fucking bear!” – Shane, imitating Gord Downie So, the handle broke off of our van’s sliding door.. again, leaving us to work as a team, those sitting in the front seats to kindly let everyone out of the back seats lest ye want to make the awkward climb over and out through the passenger door (which makes you look stupid, and you should feel stupid). It is also leaving us to wonder in which cheap-and-easy manner we shall re-attach the handle. Drill it out and screw it back on? Use a screwdriver as a handle? (It works) Tack it on with a welder ala Shane Deyotte welding skills? Decisions, decisions. We will keep you updated on our rolling, soon-to-be flaming, watery prison-grave, but for now, >> read more
Sep 11, 2012
Cover Song Tuesday – The Postal Service
Hello again there friends! And welcome back to Cover Song Tuesday! This week’s feature song is The Postal Service’s “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight.” Please enjoy, and remember to subscribe to our YouTube page to get next week’s feature cover song first, as well as more of our music and videos! Thanks again and see you next week! #coversongtuesday >> read more
Sep 10, 2012
Acres Fall Tour Blog #1
“I hope we get the ‘Spider-Man’ room!” – Shane Deyotte, as he walks by all of the themed rooms in a Prestige Inn We are back on the road again with Jobfest 2012! It’s so nice to be back. As you may or may not know, earlier this year (April – July, to be exact) we toured the northern communities of British Columbia with a BC government funded program called Jobfest 2012, bringing online career applications and options to young people all over the province. We were the hired entertainment, and it was just fantastic to be able to connect with so many awesome people along the way, and also, to be able to perform in so many areas of the province, places like Haida Gwaii and northern towns along >> read more
Fall Tour 2012
Sep 1, 2012
Fall Tour Dates Announced
Acres Of Lions is hitting the road again full time this fall with dates throughout BC/Alberta. The tour is a combination of free daytime shows with the BC Ministry Of Jobs – JobFest 2012 Tour, and evening shows at venues around the province. Select dates include performances with Limblifter, The Balconies, Everyone Everywhere, The Harbour Sound and more. The tour dates are as follows: Sep 02 – Edmonton AB at Starlite Room (Sonic Boom 2012 After-Party) Sep 04 – Castlegar BC at Castlegar Community Complex ^ Sep 06 – Nelson BC at The Royal Sep 08 – Cranbrook BC at Cranbrook RecPlex ^ Sep 11 – Revelstoke BC at Revelstoke Queen Elizabeth Park ^ Sep 13 – Salmon Arm BC at Ross Street Plaza Parking Lot ^ Sep 15 – >> read more
Aug 31, 2012
Acres Demo Blog #1: #4dudes1house
“I have 4 stage-moves when playing the bass: ‘The Swoop,’ ‘The Dan Ball 1-2-3,’ ‘The Bobble-Head’ and I always like to finish with ‘The Final Stroke.'” – Dan Ball, a man of many charms The magic is definitely happening, and depending on what your interpretation of “magic” is, it’s a good thing and not gross at all! For those of you who are not aware, we have been living in a house located in South-East Edmonton for the past two weeks writing new songs and recording them in demo format for a brand new album. Hazeldean, the locals call the area, and so far so good. The songwriting magic is bright, the creative energy is flowing, the murder-spasms are slight, and what’s more, these are our first ever writing sessions >> read more