Nov 23, 2012
BBC Radio 6Music Rebel Playlist
Want to help Acres Of Lions break into the UK? Acres Of Lions single “Reaction” was just released in the UK and it is up for the 6Music Rebel Playlist! Here’s how it works: Each week fans of BBC Radio 6Music are asked to vote on their favorite of 3 tracks. The winning track will get a play on each daytime programme on BBC Radio6 the following week. This could be a huge boost for Acres Of Lions in the UK. Please help us out by voting here: Thanks to Steve Lamacq for giving us a shot! >> read more
Nov 21, 2012
Goodnight, Canada (Pt.2)
“It certainly is a good day to own a moustache, fellas. Hell, maybe even the whole month.” – Shane Deyotte. The Man. The Mystery. The Legend. Saturday, Nov 3 We drive into the United States of America! Most of us sleep through Fargo, North Dakota, unfortunately. It is a massive bummer. We usually never miss Pancake’s House on through this way, so most of us wake up a little sad, but mostly groggy. You know what the quick fix for that grumpiness is, right? AMERICAN JUNK FOOD. From Monster Energy Beer to Funions and Extreme Fajita Doritos, you won’t be disappointed with your choice. What you WILL be disappointed in is the weight you gain from 36 hours of driving and the ridiculous amount of diarrhea fuel you put into >> read more
Nov 19, 2012
Kitchener Music Festival
This weekend check out Acres Of Lions performing with a slew of great bands in Kitchener, Ontario for the Kitchener Music Festival. Sponsored by 91.5 The Beat, the festival features 3 days of music at venues around the city, including performances by: Neverending White Lights, Breaching Vista, Jesse Labelle, Flower Child, Something You Whisper, Crystalyne, The Cobrahawks, and many more. Tickets are available online now!! For more information visit: >> read more
Nov 12, 2012
Goodnight, Canada (Pt.1)
“Come one, come all! Experience the creatures and critters that live within this man’s beard, or the beard that calls this man’s face a home!” Here’s a few excerpts from the Canadian portion of our winter tour thus far. Lots of driving, pretty treacherous roads, coffee sweats, road-trip games, to be expected this time of year. But the shows have been excellent this time around, and it is so nice to see all of our friends across the provinces again! OCTOBER The last leg of our Canadian tour brought us up North to Prince George, where we performed not 1, but 3 shows in the span of 2 days! We may be old guys now, on the verge of washing up and a little distant from what’s popular with the >> read more
Oct 28, 2012
Goodbye Jobfest, Hello Wint-ober Tour!
Jeremy Baker: “Wow. Dan, man, your beard has really grown since the last time I’ve seen you. Gnarly, man!” Dan: “And I hope to never not inspire anyone and everyone with it. Thank you.” The tour began on a rainy Thursday evening in Victoria. The Balconies came to town and we performed together in what is only to be described as a classic Lucky Bar setting: sweaty, gritty, sexy and with the volume turned up all the way. It was a great night with all of our closest friends and colleagues out with us, and a proper introduction and warm welcome to our new Toronto rock’n’roll friends in The Balconies. Hometown shows are always the most exciting and nostalgic, and quite often the drunkest, but unfortunately not this particular night. >> read more