Dec 17, 2012
Album 3 continues!
Tyson, through the talk-back mic: “Why doesn’t Martin just come in here and play piano on this part? He could nail it in seconds.” Martin, to the rest of us in the control room: “Why does he think I can play piano? I’ve never played piano in my life.” Excellent week! We just spent the last 4 days at Revolution Recording getting drum sounds and tracking drums and piano for the new record, and guys, we have to tell you, it is sounding incredible! In no other room could you get these fat tones and natural reverb and we honestly spent the entire time in awe of the quality of the studio and equipment, and results of our experimentation so far. Shane has been an absolute champion and he managed >> read more
Dec 10, 2012
Pre-Production Complete!
Dan: “Uggh, I feel like I got hit by a bus.” Shane and Jeff in unison: “Really?? Cause you don’t look like it.” – asshole humor Pre-production for Album 3 is complete! We spent a spectacular, romantic getaway, holiday week and weekend with The Brian Moncarz at The Sound rehearsal rooms in Concord last weekend, eating lots of bananas and healthy cylindrical shaped objects while staring into each others eyes, realizing the importance of breakfast, waking at dawn and how a good rehearsal space is hard to find – a big thanks to Scott at The Sound for hooking us up at his beautiful studio and being lovely – and we have successfully narrowed our upcoming 2013 release down to 10 hot, brand new tracks. It was a lot of >> read more
Dec 2, 2012
Two Weeks In London!
“Hey! We’re gonna play a gig! Please, bring your chili to the front of the stage and mosh!” – The Social Club starting their set, following their chili cook-off to pay the bands We survived 2 weeks in London! First of all, we would just like to say thank you to everyone who had part in bringing us to the United Kingdom, to the fine folks at Alcopop Records and Fierce Panda Records for believing in us enough to release our albums in their country, to all members of the press who we had the pleasure of working with while in London for taking such interest in our music and stories, and of course, to all of our wonderful fans in the UK for coming out to our handful of >> read more
Nov 21, 2012
Goodnight, Canada (Pt.2)
“It certainly is a good day to own a moustache, fellas. Hell, maybe even the whole month.” – Shane Deyotte. The Man. The Mystery. The Legend. Saturday, Nov 3 We drive into the United States of America! Most of us sleep through Fargo, North Dakota, unfortunately. It is a massive bummer. We usually never miss Pancake’s House on through this way, so most of us wake up a little sad, but mostly groggy. You know what the quick fix for that grumpiness is, right? AMERICAN JUNK FOOD. From Monster Energy Beer to Funions and Extreme Fajita Doritos, you won’t be disappointed with your choice. What you WILL be disappointed in is the weight you gain from 36 hours of driving and the ridiculous amount of diarrhea fuel you put into >> read more
Nov 12, 2012
Goodnight, Canada (Pt.1)
“Come one, come all! Experience the creatures and critters that live within this man’s beard, or the beard that calls this man’s face a home!” Here’s a few excerpts from the Canadian portion of our winter tour thus far. Lots of driving, pretty treacherous roads, coffee sweats, road-trip games, to be expected this time of year. But the shows have been excellent this time around, and it is so nice to see all of our friends across the provinces again! OCTOBER The last leg of our Canadian tour brought us up North to Prince George, where we performed not 1, but 3 shows in the span of 2 days! We may be old guys now, on the verge of washing up and a little distant from what’s popular with the >> read more