Apr 20, 2012
Jobfest 2012 Blog (Entry 1)
Wednesday, April 18, Abbotsford BC Dan Ball: ” My favorite thing to do is watch old Simpsons episodes and realize that 80% of your day to day vocabulary is from that show.” Jeff: “Extra! Extra! Todd smells!” Dan Ball: “Are your sources reliable?” Hey there friends! We just wanted to give you all a shout and let you know that the Jobfest 2012 tour has begun! Yes, our adventure throughout Northern British Columbia for the next 3 months has gotten off to a wet and wonderful start, at the crack of dawn, which is something new that we in Acres of Lions are still coping with, but remaining stoked on. Today we were in Abbotsford, on-site at the Abbotsford Trade and Exhibition (TRADEX) Centre for the BC Skills Competition, where >> read more
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Apr 19, 2012
Acres Of Lions 2012 Tour Journal, Entry 12
“I gasped and almost fainted and peed all at the same time. It was weird, but I’m not surprised.” – Dan Ball given a blank cheque to by a vast assortment of alcoholic beverages Wednesday, March 21, Timmins We wake up at 8:00 am and I go out to check on our van. Last night at the motel consisted of a party that raged on next door to us until 5:00 am, so none of us really slept. Surprise, surprise. Not a big deal, but it did escalate into Bro’s screaming at each other in the parking lot beside our van. Cody, who was in the van on skype for the duration ended up falling asleep in it, a little apprehensive to exit the vehicle as one of the many >> read more
Apr 17, 2012
Acres Of Lions 2012 Tour Journal, Entry 11
“Man, I thought MY night was bad because I lost a brand new pack of smokes…” – Super-bummed friend of a violent, drunken mess he has to take care of on his birthday. Tuesday, March 20, Timmins Our drive from Thunder Bay to Timmins, Ontario was by far the most beautiful one. Trees for miles in every direction, blue skies, one bumpy road to follow the entire way. It was downright picturesque, “postcard weather,” I’ve been calling it. Most of Canada is. We pass abandoned forestry equipment and vehicles, logging trucks full of logs, endless campgrounds with names like “Moon Over Water,” “Starry Nights,” “Crystal Lake” (actually) and about a hundred billboards with Shania Twain’s huge, flawless, smiling face watching over us. We then have a long discussion about which >> read more
Apr 13, 2012
Acres Of Lions 2012 Tour Journal, Entry 10
Anthony: “Man, that’s one hot cartoon bunny.” Jeff: “I know. It’s criminal.” – Something that was actually exchanged in regard to the entrance of “Lola Bunny” in Space Jam. Sunday, March 18, Winnipeg When the show at the Crescent Fort Rouge Church is over, and all our gear is packed and shipped back to our hostel rooms for the night, we spill out into the brightly lit streets of Winnipeg at night, a dusty and desolate Sunday, in search of sustenance, a classic tour story. There are some road-pops and good spirits being consumed and we walk for what seems like miles until we bite the bullet and actually punch in McDonald’s into our phone. A classic mistake, but hey, 11 guys have to eat. What we didn’t know is >> read more
Apr 10, 2012
Acres Of Lions 2012 Tour Journal, Entry 9
Jeff: “Remember, Dan, it’s not a lie if you believe it, right?” Anthony: “Wait… didn’t George Costanza say that?” Jeff, takes Anthony aside: “Shhhhh, I’m training him.” – #dailyacresquote Sunday, March 18, Winnipeg We wake up a sweaty, hungover mess in our hostel room to the sound of the front desk clerk knocking on our door, telling us to vacate immediately. I answer the door in my underwear, barely able to speak. She seems frightened. I would be too. It seems the weather has been getting warmer and more humid as we’ve been traveling. We are completely unprepared for this and sweat our lives, and all the drinks we drank the night before, out as the day goes by. It was a good St. Paddy’s Day, that’s for sure. In >> read more