Mar 18, 2015
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Happy St. Paddy’s Day to you all, friends! Please enjoy this acoustic cover of “St. Patrick” by Pvris. It’s sassy and intoxicating, like we all should be on this wonderful day every year. Please oh please, drink safe, get a cab and spew green stuff in the sink, toilet or bathtub… Anything with running water, really. Talk to you soon, people… Very soon… we shall live again… Like the Leprechaun… >> read more
May 20, 2014
FREE Rock The Royal tickets
As part of the performances for the 100 year celebration of the Royal and McPherson Theaters, the bands involved have been asked to select and perform a song written by another local artist. Jeff has worked out acoustic versions of a few of our favourite locally written songs, and we’re hoping you can help us choose which one to perform with the full band. In return for your help, we have some free tickets to give away. Just surf on over to the contest page and let us know what you think! >> read more
Mar 31, 2014
Hey! Hi! Hello! Over Here! No, Over Here!
Well Hello again, folks! My, it has certainly been awhile since the last entry, hasn’t it? We have had a slightly unsettling feeling you all might have thought the worst of our fate… that one or all of us must have perished off the map somewhere undesirable and desolate, vultures circling, bones bleaching, face down in a drained pool, rolled up in a carpeet and thrown off a bridge, or maybe had an unfortunate mishap in a freak gasoline fight accident… But we would like to assure you fine people that we are alive and well and residing on Vancouver Island, our hometown of Victoria flourishing this time of year and anticipating the bright and bustling summer we always do. We have had a good bit of a coffee break >> read more
Oct 22, 2013
West Coast shows were amazing!
We reached the end of our short little tour last week with a hometown gig in Victoria at Upstairs Cabaret, and the finale in Vancouver, a classic, intimate gig at The Media Club! Here’s a spicy scene from the gig at Upstairs… we think we’re so funny sometimes: We had an excellent time sharing the stage with our friends in Aegis Fang, Freedom Pony and Sharks! On Fire!, and it was sure a shame that the tour could not continue on through the entire month of October… sad faces all around… but this fall is a time for us to reconnoiter the musical region we exist in and discover an all new approach in which to deliver some sweet new jams straight into your thirsty ear-gullets. In proper English: we >> read more
Oct 8, 2013
Solid hangs at BreakOut West!
It’s been a spell since we’ve had a good long hang in Cow-town, but thanks to BreakOut West, we were able to spend 3 magical days in a blur, roaming the streets downtown, being naughty in hotels, seeing some excellent bands in action and literally swimming in Big Rock Pilsner. And not at all to worry about us boys from Victoria… we survived with only a few scars… some physical, but mostly emotional… it hurts so good! We spent a night in Edmonton playing a gig at Filthy McNasty’s the night before the festivities began… of course, we needed to warm up to this onslaught of festival behaviour and build up our tolerance a little bit… and make sure our set was spot on for the oncoming storm of performances >> read more