Top Local Artist Moment Of 2015

Victoria Music Scene published a list of the Top 20 Local Artist Moments Of 2015 and Acres Of Lions impromptu sidewalk performance at Rifflandia last September made the #1 spot on the list.


An excerpt from the article reads: “It was such a cool moment to obliviously walk into and be a part of. You know that Coca-Cola commercial with that girl walking into the convenience store again and again buying Cokes with names on them and then it ends in a spontaneous dance party in the street? This show as as close as I’ve been to experiencing that.”

The list was curated by local videographer Adam Lee (aka. Magmazing Music), and included some amazing live performances by No Means No, Current Swell, Towers & Trees, Vince Vaccaro, Hawk and Steel, Jesse Roper, Mike Edel, and more.

For the full list, check out the Victoria Music Scene website.