Hey! Hi! Hello! Over Here! No, Over Here!

Well Hello again, folks!

My, it has certainly been awhile since the last entry, hasn’t it? We have had a slightly unsettling feeling you all might have thought the worst of our fate… that one or all of us must have perished off the map somewhere undesirable and desolate, vultures circling, bones bleaching, face down in a drained pool, rolled up in a carpeet and thrown off a bridge, or maybe had an unfortunate mishap in a freak gasoline fight accident…

But we would like to assure you fine people that we are alive and well and residing on Vancouver Island, our hometown of Victoria flourishing this time of year and anticipating the bright and bustling summer we always do. We have had a good bit of a coffee break since our last performances in the fall of 2013, and soon, very soon, we will be back at the grind, with new music, new haircuts, new attitudes, new everything! Except of course, our Dan Ball… If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, is what we always say. Legendary, that guy. Legendary. We assume you have seen him around the city the last few months in his yellow Zone Ranger Mobile…? In attendance and bringing a party or two to the most splendid of events, mostly hockey games, rad local promotions and hanging with Dan Akroyd… he’s a working stiff and deserves the respect that a true Zone Ranger certainly demands. We’ve all been working hard in the past few months and the consensus is that it is time for us to get our full attention back to our baby that is slowly becoming a teenager, our band… and if we could make the band into a human replica and put an accurate age to it, suffice to say, that it may be entering high school with a dirty teenage moustache, a jean jacket, rolling up in a hot rod with REO Speedwagon cranked and looking for trouble. Yep… that’s how we view it… How would YOU view it?

Catch us at The Royal Theatre for ROCK THE ROYAL in Victoria with these beauties on Saturday, May 24th!

Very excited for this event… and really not a bad gig to get back at it with! Invite your friends, gather the family, get the flyers out all over town… it’s going to be immense!

Thanks everyone! We will be seeing you very soon! For now, it’s back to work with 3 months of solid songwriting, and we couldn’t be more happy about it! Cheers!

To end on an even more musical note, here’s a cover a Jimmy Eat World’s “Damage” that Jeff did awhile back at The Copper Owl… Enjoy!