West Coast shows were amazing!

We reached the end of our short little tour last week with a hometown gig in Victoria at Upstairs Cabaret, and the finale in Vancouver, a classic, intimate gig at The Media Club! Here’s a spicy scene from the gig at Upstairs… we think we’re so funny sometimes:

We had an excellent time sharing the stage with our friends in Aegis Fang, Freedom Pony and Sharks! On Fire!, and it was sure a shame that the tour could not continue on through the entire month of October… sad faces all around… but this fall is a time for us to reconnoiter the musical region we exist in and discover an all new approach in which to deliver some sweet new jams straight into your thirsty ear-gullets. In proper English: we are devising a plan in which to record our new material in a comfortable and affordable method, and then release it accordingly into your hands in a hip, trendy, and perhaps even non-traditional, fashion. So it would appear that although we are taking our time and being patient with what is coming next for us, the fact remains exciting… new music abounds and the suspense is killing even us.

As an added bonus to this meandering blog, here’s footage of us playing YET ANOTHER acoustic version of our song “Bright Lights,” only this time, it is brought to you by CFOX in Vancouver as part of their “Ram Jam” series, in which we performed the song from the backseat of CFOX’ giant, sexy and beautiful, Dodge Ram… a big thanks to those cheerful fellows at The Fox for having us… we had a hell of a time riding around Stanley Park in October, crammed to the brim. We’ve literally never been closer as a band harharhar… Enjoy:

Talk to you cats very very soon… and thanks again for all your support! It’s amazing and so are you!