The Fall Tour Begins!

Well, here we are again, folks!

It’s been a good year; a busy start leading us into a spectacular summer of festivals and good people across the country, and now in the autumn season in the year of 2013, it’s time for us to once again put all of our trust into the van we love so much, the van that has given everything and taken nothing, a van that forgives us for all of our cursing, urinating in bottles and spilling coffee (along with other liquids, secretions and gross unmentionables) on the upholstery, and go on tour. We will be re-visiting some old haunts and will be performing twice, as well as having a few good beverages with a few good friends, in Calgary for BreakOut West!

We’ve had some nice time off at home in Victoria, getting our life-whatever-things in order and rekindling the home-fires, and by that we mean power-watching the entire series of Breaking Bad in order to set the mood for the end, kissing our loved ones passionately and often, and even bathing Dan Ball to make him into the celebrity he is and always has been… That’s right, Dan is now our fair city of Victoria’s local modern rock station The Zone 91.3‘s official, street-smart representative, enthused mascot and weekend warrior, The Zone Ranger. We do believe some congratulations are in order… so if you see Dan on the street in Victoria, make sure to tell him he is loved, and also, to ask for stickers and new lanyards to replace your old tattered and pungent ones… he will be your friend for all of eternity and oblige you kindly with stories of his life as a traveling bass-salesman…

Here’s the list of Canadian dates we will be playing this month with the applicable Facebook event links… we hope that we can see you and your good good friends out for at least one of these… and hey, if we happen to play some new songs and get weird with our set this time around, please, do not panic or leave… we will still be playing all the potential hits:

Oct 3 – Edmonton @ Filthy McNasty’s (w/ Old Towns)
Oct 4 – Calgary @ The Palomino (9 PM)
Oct 5 – Calgary @ The Republik (10 PM)
Oct 10 – Victoria @ Upstairs Cabaret (w/ Freedom Pony, Aegis Fang)
Oct 11 – Vancouver @ The Media Club (w/Sharks! On Fire!)

PS Has anyone else ever seen this sign while leaving/entering Chilliwack and laughed as hard as we have? The award for “Best Photo Taken That You’ve Always Wanted To Capture But Couldn’t Cause You Were Driving Too Fast” goes to… yes, you guessed it… Dan Ball.