Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day, once again everyone!

On Monday night (July 1st 2013) we had the overwhelming pleasure of participating in Victoria BC’s Canada Day Celebration on the inner harbour and the privilege of sharing a beautiful stage erected on the Legislature Lawn with the likes of The Odds, Hey Ocean, Kathryn Calder, Caracol (From Montreal) and so many more we would like to name but would run out of room and make this run-on sentence run on longer than it had to see what I just did there?

Part of the privilege was the chance to perform in front of all you beautiful people who attended the celebration by the thousands in a bright, sunny, outdoor setting… we can’t thank you all enough for showing your support at this event, and for the last 6 years of us actually being a touring band… it really meant a lot, friends, and to top it off, yes, we all hung around until the end to catch the amazing fireworks display… a signature grande finale that warms the heart, and simultaneously shreds the eardrums with bass and remixes of popular songs, apparently haha… Here’s a small CANADA DAY PHOTO ALBUM brought to you by Victoria Music Scene to check out and better illustrate the good times!

A special thanks to the City of Victoria for having us, the fantastic hard-working crew involved in making this event safe and possible and to The Zone 91.3 for their continued support as well. We are sure proud to be Canadian these days, and always, from Victoria. The only thing that felt slightly strange to us was the how and the why this guy got access to such a revealing and stupendous costume: