Canadian Veins 2013

A good rock tour is short, sweet and to the point. It’s always been a belief, that even the shortest tours can accomplish big things. They inspire strong friendships and create allies to cover ground together and explore uncharted territory. What at first is a plan between business-savvy musician-folk meant to correlate mutual fans and industry for benefit, to collaborate and create success, becomes a musical endeavor in which, fans, friends and tour-mates alike will never forget the emotion and effort put into giving it your all every single night, whether extensive or brief. Toronto pop-punk band Thunderhawks combined with Pennsylvania’s Kingsfoil gave us just that opportunity to experience, a solid moment in time.

The tour began in Montreal at Quai des Brumes, a quaint little bar off a main street that served good beers (any beer is good beer with solid mates) and held a tiny stage in the corner. They say sweaty, gritty, energy is the key to a good rock show, and we feel that all of the bands that night, including ourselves delivered just that to a rather abundant Monday night crowd. It was a great first impression and one hell of a precursor… a wonderful indication of how we would all get along nicely and share some stories at the end of it… and many more sweaty and crammed stages, we assure you. Did we also mention that we got share a stage with Spenny (From Kenny VS Spenny)? Well we did! His band, The Besides, ruled hard and our pal Jesse Modz and him did a bit of a banter back and forth before our set in Kingston:

The energy did not slow as the tour continued to some very familiar places (Ottawa at Maverick’s, Kingston at The Mansion, Saint Catharine’s at The Mansion House) It was nice to share some old memories with new faces this time around and experience a professional lifestyle and setting, to commiserate over past struggles and hardships of living day to day with extensive travel, to talk about the basement shows and make fun of each others hair cuts, singing/drumming faces and power-stances while performing and discuss future plans that would hopefully involve each other as solid friends. And hey, we were all loopy and sleep-deprived and insane and had caffeine-for-blood at that point anyways from all the early morning press and performances, so it was wonderful to be in that state together:

By the final night in Toronto at Hard Luck Bar, a gig which featured some cameo appearances by Jeff, singing a Hot Water Music cover with the boys in Thunderhawks and a couple choruses in Kingsfoil’s single “What Your Mother Taught You,” (Catchiest song in existence…) and also, by our dear friend Martin Macphail of Toronto’s Theset attacking some vocals in our finishing number “Signs And Wonders,” who is also featured on our new album “Home(s).” Even Frankie Muniz (the drummer from Kingsfoil and also, Malcolm In The Middle DUH) and the Thunderhawks boys came up and sang with us on a couple numbers. It’s a shame it was the end of the line for all of us together… could have been magic the rest of the way!

It was a great gig to finish off the tour and as is always expected of a short, sweet, to the point rock tour… it is over too quickly. We really want to thank all of the boys in Kingsfoil and Thunderhawks for letting us tag along on this wonderful trip… it certainly won’t be the last time we cross paths, or share the same one in the future! We wish everyone the best of luck in everything they do!

Also, a big world-size special thanks to Mitch Brown and Jesse Modz… two of the best people we know… tour managers for all seasons… “You’re not the boss of me now?”