Halifax… we hardly knew ye…

Driving into Nova Scotia was a good moment… we felt like explorers in uncharted territory, trying to find an appropriate name and failing, to greedily claim it for ourselves as if it had never had feet set upon it… the silly games we play. We have been to Halifax in previous years for gigs by plane, with just our guitars and our foreign soil stuck to our shoes, but never like this. Never with the van and our entire life in the backseat. It was a good feeling.

We raced through a rainstorm of mist from Moncton to get to work on time, and Hey! Whaddya know!? We were successful in doing so! We would just like to thank the fine individuals at Live 105 Loud in Halifax for having us down at the station for an interview and a quick song. We have and will always appreciate the spins and the support!

Later that night we headed to Michael’s Bar to set up for the Friday night gig with The Town Heroes and a fine group of young men from Charlottetown PEI under the name “Coyote.” This band blew us away in an instant: powerful vocals, great rhythm and guitar work, catchy numbers, lots of fantastic energy that just sort of shines… especially when they play an absolute explosive cover of “Lovers in a dangerous time…” They are East coast charmers, through and through, and we can’t wait to come back and see them… or bring them out to our neck of the woods!

The show was most excellent, and considering the competition we had for a Friday night in Halifax, we were so happy to see so many good folks, friends old and new, out and enjoying… On to Prince Edward Island!