Saskatoon, Junofest and a quick night in Thunder Bay!

Our trek continues with the longest drives you’ve ever seen and a steady diet of black coffee and Tim Horton’s everything bagels as we move this “what we thought was spring but feels more like winter” tour into Ontario!

In a recap of the past week, we saw Saskatoon again for the first time in a long time! We actually had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some good friends, our boys in Fisticuffs and 2012 Peak Performance Project Winner, our homie Jordan Klassen! A band from Whitehorse called Old Time Machine opened the show at Vangeli’s Tavern… and as far as we’re concerned, they could have played all night long and we really wouldn’t have minded… make sure to go give them a spin on whatever music tech you own… totally worth it, and great guys too! Big thanks to everyone who came to the gig and stuck around to see us!

Following Saskatoon, we made our way down to Regina for the night, which we all know was the host city of 2013’s Juno Awards and the inevitable Juno Fest that permeates the city with good vibes and modern Canadian music… We had the night off so it only seemed logical to be in a city alive with so much energy and musical things. It gave us the chance to catch up with some old friends and see some great acts in good places in the industry at the moment. The highlight definitely being Yukon Blonde, Hannah Georgas, Rococode and locals, Indigo Joseph. An immaculate show, accompanied by our friends in Fly Points, and an amazing man by the name of Dave Rosin

In the next few days, the trip brought us once again to Thunder Bay, where we played a pretty neat little Sunday night gig at the Black Pirate’s Pub, which has become a bit of a staple venue in our tenure as a touring Canadian band. Apparently we had been following the tail end of an April blizzard (they exist now…) that had hit Thunder Bay hard, so the weather was not the most welcome or chipper, let’s say… But it was a hell of a show and rather inviting to the gloomy and brooding streets to come inside the tavern for a few pints and warm up with some solid tunes… we even got to catch the Juno Awards on the tele and see some familiar faces. It was simply marvelous and congrats to everyone of our friends who were nominated this year! Also, big thanks to Tim and his crew in Thunder Bay for showing us another truly excellent time!