Straight Up Good Times in Alberta!

As expected, the minute we cross the BC border into Alberta, we hit snow… in April.

We even took the winter tires off of the van thinking it was going to be bright and sunny for the rest of our days… SO not the case. We made it to Calgary just fine, no potential accidents or close-calls… but hey, when in Canada, probably best to keep your vehicle being Canadian and ready for anything… like black ice and wind gusts, or high mountain roads and unpredictable and sudden weather changes, even in the summer. DUH.

The gig in Calgary was quite the spectacle! We were two bands into the six band show at The New Black, and a transformer exploded and took out power on the entire block. All of us, including all of the cool kids who came out for a rock show, were forced to hang out in the dark mixed with dim emergency lights. Instead of waiting for the power to be restored, us bands took up arms (acoustic guitars) and entertained the members of the extremely patient and shadowed audience. It was definitely a great musical moment and we were actually so stoked to do something different! All the bands were great and we want to apologize again to the people who came out to see us and did not get a show… we will gladly make it up to you on May 10that The Palomino in Calgary!

The next day in the early morning, we had our premiere on Breakfast Television Edmonton at 8:00 am… therefore we drove and stayed up all through the night to be sharp for what turned out to be one of funnest television experiences we have had so far. It was a stress-free performance and all of the people at City TV are such beauties! Excellent times!

After a short nap that was not very effective, we zombied ourselves on down to The Pawn Shop (one of the best venues in Canada ;)) and prepared for a night of great music, great brews and even better friends! It was a tour kick-off gig for an incredible band called Fire Next Time, in which we had the privilege of being direct support for their headlining set! We were feeling so good about the night and it was so satisfying to play for such an amazing Edmonton crowd built out of our best friends and fans to date. We owe you a lot, Edmonton. We do not know when we will be back, but we want to tell you, we are already looking forward to it!

An adventure of West Edmonton Mall, particularly Galaxy Land, ensued the following day… which was sadder than you would think, mostly because it was the last few hours we got to spend with our good friend Lindsey Blane, who spent the last week on the road with us taking some FANTASTIC PICTURES and selling our merchandise… She is a saint and a pleasure and we will miss her dearly the rest of our SPRING TOUR… Please check out her WEBSITE and give her praise!