Back on the road, and we brought a friend!

Hey friends!

We are finally back on the road this week after spending a good week in Victoria catching up, and it feels so good! We brought a friend with us this time around, to take some beautiful photos and videos and help us sell our finest and cheapest of Acres Of Lions products directly to you at the gigs… Her name is Lindsey Blane. She is an excellent photographer, experienced cat lover, kind of a big deal and an all around good buddy… we are so excited to have her travel with us for the next week, hopefully scar and trauma free!

The first stop was The Royal on Baker St in Nelson BC! It was a rather rainy Sunday evening, but it didn’t seem to stop the great people who danced and rocked out from coming out to achieve that very goal! They were a solid and joyous audience and we were so happy to play for such a fine group of people. Dan used to work at The Royal a ways back… which we always thought was total bull for some reason… like he wasn’t actually working there, just hanging out there a lot… but it turns out he was telling the truth and all of his ex-co-workers were so excited! It was a nice feeling. Sorry Dan.

We also got to share The Royal stage with a groovy local rock band called “Tofu Stravinsky“… amazing voices, amazing guitar tones. Make sure to stay in touch with their upcoming tour and check out their new album! Big thanks to our bud Dustin Stashko of 103.5 The Bridge for coming down and supporting us once again, and of course, Dave Ball, for giving it to us straight! Side Note: Word has it that he’s collecting a treasure trove of everything Acres Of Lions and everything in between and before… imagine having your hands on that tasty little piece of history!

See you soon, friends! Check out our upcoming TOUR DATES, and we’ll see you in Calgary at The New Black Thursday night!