Releasing “Home(s)’ into the wild = Excitement!

Following an incredible gig in Vancouver at Joe’s Apartment last Thursday, with talented babes Ali Milner and Zerbin (It really was an incredible gig… there were some pretty epicly amazing high fives given out during our performance) we said goodbye to Vancouver and our Vancouver besties, and gave a very fond hello to our fair home city of Victoria. The ferry ride was a bit more bearable this time around… one could even say we missed it like nothing else…

Here’s a few shots FROM THE GARAGE took from the Joe’s Apartment Gig (Thurs, March 28)

The next night we had our official “Home(s)” album release party at Lucky Bar with Chris Ho and Sunhawk. It felt nice to be back in a familiar venue with familiar faces and that oh so nostalgic feel of a bar and backroom we’ve made so many great memories in (All PG13 ones, we assure you…) It was a packed house, the bands were excellent and the entire room was literally drenched in sweat. If that’s not rock and roll we don’t know what is… a big thank you to all those endlessly supportive friends and fans out there who helped us get to where we are today, and also The Zone 91.3 in Victoria for being a big part of our Victoria life and just a lovely bunch of folks… Guys, we can’t thank you enough… it was honestly one of the best gigs in Victoria since we can’t even remember when, and we are so happy you were a part of it! All we can say now is that we hope you enjoy our new album to the fullest and that you guys will keep in touch with us wherever we are… and for those who haven’t had a chance to hear some of our new tunes yet, check it out on our YOUTUBE page for freeee! Excitement!

We spent the rest of the week up until now in Victoria mostly relaxing and enjoying a somewhat of a holiday… our group potluck Easter dinner was one for the books (really, it was glorious… we certainly did live to eat that night…) but we also had the chance to play a few shows around the official album release date… really want to thank the folks in Cobble Hill for the excellent show last Saturday, Andy Briggs and all those of you fine folks who attended our acoustic set with Bedside and our 3rd edition of Victoria House Concerts B just this past Wednesday, and finally, to all of the alcohol and good vibe fueled UVIC students who attended the awesome gig with USS last night at Club 9ONE9… it was certainly a busy week with a big finale and not a lot of down time, but it was so so nice to be back in Victoria with all of you!

Big thanks to Atomique Productions for another great show, and also the photographers: Lindsey Blane, Tyson Elder and Rob Porter! Here’s a collection of their photos taken from the Album Release Party in which to further illustrate the good times! CHECK’EM OUT!

We leave for tour tomorrow! Hoorayyyy!