A great Canadian Music Fest!

Before we fly back to our homes in the west, we just want to thank everyone for an excellent week!

First, a big thank you to the good people at Audioblood Media for their support and all the wonderful things they have done for us so far. Thy played a big part in our wonderful and busy schedule this week and we are so very excited to be working with them this year. We had the privilege of playing some great gigs at The Dakota Tavern and the Pledge Music Loft 406 party this weekend, some sweaty rock’n’roll, good beverages and friendships were exchanged, and we are going to be leaving this beautiful city with smiles on our faces! Also, we just want to say how much we appreciate everyone coming out to all the gigs to dance, sing along and share the energy! It was nice to see you all and swap some stories! Thanks for the support!

In other news, we will be heading back to Vancouver tomorrow morning to rest up for our album release gigs in Vancouver and Victoria (Thurs March 28 @ Joe’s Apartment, Fri March 29 @Lucky Bar) Join the events and share it with your friends! We need to hang!

In preparation for those gigs, we wanted to let you know that EXCLAIM! MAGAZINE and MTV Drops on MTV CANADA will be streaming songs from our brand new album “Home(s)” on their websites this week! Please take advantage and enjoy! It’s going to be a wild, wild weekend! Can’t wait for you to hear it!

Anyways, lovely to see you friends! Goodbye, lots of love and take care!