Canadian Music Week is upon us!

Recap on the last few days here in The Big Smoke, things are going swimmingly as we approach Day 4!

Yesterday was our first big day at the festival and it was a whirlwind as expected, a frenzy of artists and friends alike in the lobby of a fancy hotel, relationships built on years of trust, opportunities and bloody good times shared by all in the name of art, music and film. The wisdom passed on is worth the years taken off of our lives by the caffeine, chemicals and appetite suppressants taken to survive the event. It’s a true gem of the Canadian industry.

Okay, recap:

We hit the CBC Music Lounge first thing, which was amazing to participate in and showcase some of our new songs to a lovely audience.

Later that evening, we performed a short acoustic set in the back of June Records, which is a simply wonderful up and coming record store participating in CMW. The staff was accommodating and although the turnout was small, it was a perfect intimate atmosphere.

Speaking of intimate atmospheres, following June Records, we performed the Audioblood Media Showcase at the classic and packed Dakota Tavern, a venue we love and respect for so many reasons. It was a great night of music, friends and sweaty, honest energy. It’s nice to be part of the Audioblood family!

A huge thanks to everyone who came out to the shows yesterday! Really looking forward to Transac tonight at 8:00 pm sharp! Hope everyone’s having a great week so far! Hang in there, babe!

Here’s a link to the remainder of our EVENTS for the weekend!