A very incredible 2012!

“When the world ends this year and it’s not all fire and brimstone and raining blood like they say it’s going to be, I want to be buried with a telephone for safe measure and my tombstone to read ‘Here lies Dan Ball. F***k you, Tyson.”

– Dan’s brief thoughts on the afterlife and the apocalypse

Well, Christmas came and went and we survived the apocalypse! What an incredible thing! We hope that everyone out there had a wonderful holiday season at the end of 2012, and we would just like to continue our well wishes and say a very Happy New Year to you all, friends, fans and family! Let’s make this the best damn 2013 it can be!

Aside from the great start to the new year, which we are sure you all had, we have some good news for you all… are you sitting down and ready to have your socks knocked on their ass? Good, because we just wanted to let you all know that our third full-length studio album, produced by Brian Moncarz has been finished and ready to be released early in this year of 2013! Yes, we spent a whole 3 weeks in Concord ONT working harder than we ever have to have every instrument, every voice, every extra, quirky, delayed, distorted, rhythmic and jingly addition tracked and rendered in time to race home across the United States for Christmas… and we even made the trip back to British Columbia in less than 40 hours! That’s got to be a new record!

In further news, now that the album has been recorded and awaiting final mixes, mastering procedures, and even the proper name, we have retired for the next month of January to our respective homes in the Kootenays and the Okanagan (Southern BC) to see our families and finally get some r&r… after 130+ gigs and spending well over 9 months on the road in 2012, not to mention our 2 incredible weeks in the UK, we feel the overwhelming need to rest… and maybe eat some real food for once! We can’t even believe it’s over and all this time has passed. What a ride!

We would just like to thank all of those people out there, all of our dear friends, our industry mates, our amazing fans and our loving families. You never cease to inspire and amaze us. In addition, we would also like to send a big thanks to Brian Moncarz and everyone who had a hand in and took part on the creation of our new album. Your hard work is much appreciated, and we wish you the best in 2013. Thanks again, and we will see you very soon!