Rattlebox North Studios!

“My lunch was so unsatisfying. I feel like a fucking rabbit. I need all the burgers and fries.”

– Brian, after his second green salad of the day

Guys, we really want you to hear these mixes!

It’s really so unfortunate that we can’t show you how this project is sounding so far! We are very excited and continue to be very happy and grateful for every day that we get to spend in Rattlebox North Studios with our friend Brian Moncarz, in whose ears we trust. He’s a great man with a passion for great sounding things, teaching, gear-hording and salads. Why just yesterday we helped him out with a feisty battle on eBay for a deal on a rather expensive old guitar amplifier while waiting for a track to be mixed down and eating a salad. Yep, we’re becoming fast friends, and even though we didn’t get the amp, there will be many more opportunities coming up this week to acquire some vintage musical equipment together to trade and sell, and also start production on our brand new reality television show, “Flippin’ Headz.” Get it?

Yes, we are indeed getting some magical, and world-crushing, guitar tones from our assortment of 50’s vintage and “Frankensteined” amps and have been layering acoustic guitar on almost every track so far. Dan’s bass is thick and innovative, the Leslie is rotating strong and Jeff is screaming his blackened lungs and heart out every single night. We are hoping that you will fall in love with what we are creating out here in Toronto, what is so far sounding like a rock record of epic proportions. There’s definitely going to be a few “Barn Burners” on this one:

But we don’t want to give too much away! New music is always exciting and we believe the surprise is the best part of it! We have a great team out here; Brian and us are working around the clock, losing our minds and making our fingers and ear drums bleed, to get this all wrapped up by Christmas time! And let us not forget our wonderful interns, Mike, Kevin and Selina, who are helping us out around the studio, making us endless cups of coffee, placing mics anywhere and everywhere we ask, hand-clapping until there hands are swollen and pretending to be bored to tears with our constant nerdy and argumentative banter about every possible shining tone to come out of a Gibson 135… they love it.