Pre-Production Complete!

Dan: “Uggh, I feel like I got hit by a bus.”

Shane and Jeff in unison: “Really?? Cause you don’t look like it.”

– asshole humor

Pre-production for Album 3 is complete!

We spent a spectacular, romantic getaway, holiday week and weekend with The Brian Moncarz at The Sound rehearsal rooms in Concord last weekend, eating lots of bananas and healthy cylindrical shaped objects while staring into each others eyes, realizing the importance of breakfast, waking at dawn and how a good rehearsal space is hard to find – a big thanks to Scott at The Sound for hooking us up at his beautiful studio and being lovely – and we have successfully narrowed our upcoming 2013 release down to 10 hot, brand new tracks. It was a lot of hard work and creative insanity, but we managed to get the songs finished and shaped the way we wanted them in time to give them a home before the holiday season! We are so very excited to share with you what we’ve created!

But since we are absolute masters of punctuality (always have been, always will be!) We have 1 WHOLE DAY to rehearse these beauties until we begin begin tracking drums on Tuesday, Dec 4th at Revolution Recordings, an absolute dream girl of a recording studio, and to quote the self-description from the website, dedicated to the highest possible standards of music recording. We simply cannot wait to enter this amazing environment and spend a week developing some massive drum sounds in a room specifically designed for it, with Shane… and of course, Dan Ball:

Thanks again for following us, dear friends, and please continue to help us spread the word via our media, and if you’re with us on Twitter, our hashtag is #acresalbum3… ALBUM 3 IS COMING…