Goodbye Jobfest, Hello Wint-ober Tour!

Jeremy Baker: “Wow. Dan, man, your beard has really grown since the last time I’ve seen you. Gnarly, man!”

Dan: “And I hope to never not inspire anyone and everyone with it. Thank you.”

The tour began on a rainy Thursday evening in Victoria. The Balconies came to town and we performed together in what is only to be described as a classic Lucky Bar setting: sweaty, gritty, sexy and with the volume turned up all the way. It was a great night with all of our closest friends and colleagues out with us, and a proper introduction and warm welcome to our new Toronto rock’n’roll friends in The Balconies. Hometown shows are always the most exciting and nostalgic, and quite often the drunkest, but unfortunately not this particular night. No, on this night, Tyson and Jeff drove to Powell River to be up and at’em, bright and early the next morning, for the dramatic conclusion of Jobfest 2012.

Yes, it was sad to see the ol’Jobfest crew, the awesome and exciting people we have grown to love and trust over the last 6 months, go on and out of our lives, but it was a happy end in a beautiful part of the country. Drinks were shared, sentiments were found, friendships were solidified, and we spent the next day thinking of them fondly, sailing on not one, but TWO ferries and driving down the gorgeous, and uncharted by the Acres Of Lions, Sunshine Coast.

Later that evening it was a drowned rat-looking soundcheck at The Cobalt with a quick stop at The Commodore for a viewing of Wide Mouth Mason and again, The Balconies, opening for Big Sugar. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay for the epicness of Gordie Johnson, but we did get to witness was an amazing version of “My Old Self,” one of the first hits performed by Wide Mouth Mason. So. Effin. Good.

Like we said, it was a rainy night, and we were soaked head to toe to the bone by the time we got back to The Cobalt to take in the ever-wonderful Jasper Sloan Yip with his band of lovelies, followed by some straight up heart and soul pop style by Sweetheart, two acts we’ve known and loved for some time now, and it was great to share the classic Cobalt stage, enjoy some quality time with our Vancouver friends, some great music and perform with these beauties again. Thanks to all who came out for an excellent, and moist, show. Moist IS a good word. We know.

Until next time, friends.