Winter Tour Is Coming…

Dan: “The hardest part about touring Canada for the millionth time in the winter is probably the roads.”

The rest of us: “OH.”

For those of you who don’t know it, but would like to, we are on tour right now against all odds that come along with the impending great Canadian winter; the pits and perils, the beautiful frozen north and the great selection of seasonal beverages in every town to keep our spirits warm. Check out the dates, and the TOUR section of our website to join the FB events!

Oct 24 – Prince George, BC – Artspace
Oct 25 – Dawson Creek, BC – Rockwells Pub
Oct 26 – Dawson Creek, BC – Rockwells Pub
Oct 28 – Edmonton, AB – Wunderbar
Oct 31 – Calgary, AB – The New Black
Nov 1 – Regina, SK – McNally’s Tavern
Nov 2 – Winnipeg, MB – Frame Arts Warehouse
Nov 6 – Toronto, ON – Horseshoe Tavern (Free Show!)

And you thought we would stop this year. Why would you think such a crazy thing was possible… well maybe you didn’t, but you should know by now that we all went pretty bat-shit insane this year, but we found solutions. 4 guys cooped up in a 95 Chevy Beauville all year with nothing but ancient classic rock mixed-tapes taped off the radio in ’79 to listen to? Buy (steal) a satellite radio. Broken guitars, stolen iphones and malfunctioning laptops? Repair, rent, replace and take advantage of warranty. Injuries, illnesses and inexplicable pains in your head? A wizard or “doctor” will apply the gift of science and medicine and administer magic liquid that makes the pain not happen (Yes, stimpaks are a real thing now). Same road every day? Start watching Reba or Will & Grace or other controversial yet mundane series’ and acquire a bottomless cache of music and nature documentaries. You’ll never need to read again. Foul smell in the van that only and exorcist can combat? Breathe through your mouth. Tired of hotel rooms? Build a fort. Sick of dining at Tim Horton’s for every meal of the day? Impossible. Broke? Make it work. You have no choice.

You see? All problems with easy solutions, and really, we were bound to wind up a few bricks shy of a proper chimney by 2013, but we love it. We share it. We never tire of it. We are a team. We are Jeff, Tyson, Dan and Shane. May God have mercy on our souls.

Thank you, and goodnight.