Acres Fall Tour Blog #7

“A bad day on the course is better than a good day in the office is what I always say.”

– Dan Ball, golfing for the first time ever

So this last week the “I’d rather be on tour” tour with The Harbour Sound came to an end, and much too early we might add. Thursday night was the final night of the rather short island tour, in which we were graced with the presence of our old friend Liam Glaim (formerly of The Perfect Trend) performing solo and our pal Lindsey Blane, who snapped some pretty killer shots of the event. It was a quiet, rainy night at The Cambie in Nanaimo, but had an amazing time playing for our friends and fans who came out on a Thursday night. The hostel rooms and the gift of the walk-thru A&W were a treat as usual, and even though Dan literally almost fatally injured himself trying to dismount the bunk-beds provided due to his lack of upper-body strength, we managed to get in a good night’s sleep before heading to Courtenay the next morning in our “Pussy Wagon.”

Friday and Saturday was spent and enjoyed in Courtenay, which bore an uncanny and creepy resemblance to Haddonfield, IL, which we all know is the town from “Halloween,” at Jobfest 2012 and the Vancouver Island Music Business Conference. It was a long day full of acoustic sets and later on in the evening, a show at the Whistle Stop Pub which featured an excellent Peak Performance Project artist by the name of Alexandra Malliot and an introduction and performance by Jasmin Parkin of Mother Mother. The very next night we returned to the Whistle Stop for a follow-up headlining show with the legendary Bill Henderson fronted rock band “Chilliwack.” It was certainly an honor to share the stage with these guys, and especially since it was Tyson’s 25th birthday the very same night. We wanna send out a big thank you to everyone who came out and stuck around for the whole gig!

Yesterday was the end of our magnificent and busy weekend, and there couldn’t have been a better end at that. After a Sunday spent in Comox at the Crown Isle Resort and Golf Course for an acoustic performance at Jobfest, dining at the Timber Room, playing a quick 18 holes with the boys at the clubhouse, we are now back in Victoria for the next couple days to relax and re-energize for the upcoming stream of never-ending TOUR DATES, and brush up on our short game and Happy Gilmore trivia.

Can’t wait to see all you ladies and gents soon! Make sure to come out to our show at Lucky Bar with The Balconies this Thursday (Oct 18) It’s going to be magic!