Acres Fall Tour Blog #6

Dan: “I would love it if Morgan Freeman told me a bed-time story. His voice is perfect.”

Tyson: “There’s something about his laugh, too. I love it. It’s like he laughs with his whole body, and it’s rare.”

Jeff: “What the fuck are we talking about?”

– One of our many van conversations on the topic of the timbre of Morgan Freeman’s voice

Well hello there again, friends! It has been a steady week for us on Vancouver Island, that’s for sure! We are still with Jobfest until the end of the month, visiting and performing in some long lost and lovely regions of the island we live on, and in between shows and all the bally-hoo, we have been working on a couple demos out in Metchosin, at our new friend, a one Mr. Todd Hooge’s, studio. He was kind enough to offer us some free studio time this month in his home studio (Hooge Studios) to get some new material together, and he has also graced us with some of the finest meals we could have asked for, especially the day after Thanksgiving where we ate the best soup ever. Thanksgiving aftermath leftovers are always delicious and appreciated when you don’t have the time to go home and visit the family. Here’s a couple teasers:

Yes, we are working on new material; a brand new song in which will one day be featured on our newest record, and a surprise cover song which we will have posted very very soon. It has been a magical time in the studio so far; no fighting, no excessive cursing, enough coffee to allow us to see through time, new and exciting studio terminology and slang (What does one really mean when he or she says a guitar line sounds “Horny?”) It’s all a very breathtaking and creative atmosphere, and again, we promise will have something for you to listen to ASAP!

The rest of the week was spent attending The Gaslight Anthem, Hot Water Music and Rise Against at the Save-On Foods Center, performing at Logan’s Pub on a Friday night (which is never a bad thing) with some amazing bands and old friends of ours (The Harbour Sound, Everyone Everywhere), expelling some pent-up energy Saturday night at the always epic and amazing CB Booking Fest in Big Fernwood (with Atlas Collapses, a reunited Fall In Archaea, a reunited My Broken Hero) and finally ending on a high note Sunday night at the Duncan Garage Showroom, again with The Harbour Sound and our new Regina pals, Indigo Joseph. It was a cold, strange and fun evening in Duncan, and it was nice to sit down and share some pumpkin pie with some of our best friends. We can’t wait for Thanksgivin’er 2013!

Make sure to keep track and in touch with us for the next two weeks! There’s lots of cool stuff coming up, including our short tour with The Harbour Sound, a show at Lucky Bar in Victoria with our Toronto friends The Balconies and the announcement of when and where our new tracks will be available!

Until next time, friends! Here’s a few extras!

CB Booking Fest and Pre-Show Pics (Lindsey Blane)

CB Booking Fest Pics (Lara Bannister)

Watch our live performance at the Duncan Garage Showroom!