Acres Fall Tour Blog #5


– Said, all of us always, and forever

So it has been a rather busy last two weeks, and we have been running solely on energy drinks. protein bars and about 5-6 fresh pots of coffee a day. It is more than an addiction this time around. We have been averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep, and the occasional narcoleptic lapse in the van. But, you know, that’s just how she goes when you’re straight giggin’r and working on the road for months on end. Fresh pots are hard to come by, but you take what you can get, fresh pot or not. Fresh pots.

This past week, we had the distinct pleasure of opening for an inspiring band from Vancouver called “Limblifter.” The show was at Venue, and it was a reunion, the first show Limblifter has played in Van-City approaching 7 years now. It was certainly an honor, re-kindling all of those warm feelings we shared when we were younger and basically growing up to their records. They played all the greats like “Tinfoil,” “Vicious” and even “Ariel vs Lotus.” They have been a huge influence on us, and let us be the 4 dudes to say that Ryan Dahle, yes he is brilliant and talented, but he is also a babe on stage. We are not creeps, let us make that clear, but we made damn sure we paid attention.

Like we said, it was a busy week and weekend, including a truly amazing show up in Cobble Hill, Vancouver Island at the Cobblestone Pub with our friends Small Town Villains, an outdoor show with Carmanah at UVIC, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the university and on Sunday, we had the pleasure of playing some acoustic songs to some seriously dedicated fans in our friend Andy’s living room, another edition and our third stint at Victoria House Concerts B. It was an amazing weekend and Andy also gave us the pride of his cassette tape collection from his basement. We now have enough mix-tapes to last us the entire year of 2013. Thanks Andy.

Talk to you soon, and see you this weekend at CB Booking Fest! There is so much more to come, friends, but before we go, here’s a little sample, an acoustic rendition of one of our brand new songs “Miserable Together.” Enjoy: