Acres Fall Tour Blog #4

“The new word for ‘Awesome’ should be ‘Scientific.'”

Billy The Kid, raising a good point, as always

You know when you return home after being away for so long you can’t remember when you left and you have that one day and night off from everything to just simply exist and contemplate, eat a home cooked meal with your friends, slowly sip a few fingers of some finely aged fire, listen to some truly brilliant tunes and walk up and down the streets of the town you’ve grown to love so well, for all it’s faults, greatness and beauty? That’s exactly what I got the chance to do this weekend upon my Greyhound bus return to Vancouver and Victoria, while simultaneously playing a couple great solo shows with one of my oldest friends, the fine, the fantastic, the scientific, Billy The Kid.

I sincerely want to thank everyone who came out our gig at The Railway Club in Vancouver this past Friday, and the lovely Alex of ‘Badgerchild‘ for letting me sing a song with her in front of her audience, and then our gig at The Fort St Cafe in Victoria the next night, which was another acoustic rager featuring my super talented friend Peter Gardener and his band ‘Hawk and Steel.’ They were two great nights of excellent music, story-telling, good people, missed friends and something that is slowly taking over my band/traveling life, remarkable food. Seriously, the two things I have deemed the most important in my life these days are food and sleep. With the way we live, I am surprised that we don’t fall asleep wherever we sit down and constantly ask “Yeah, but where and when do we eat?” Make sure to constantly ask yourself that, and I guarantee you will have the best night possible.

I just want to say thank you once again to my old friend Billy The Kid, for showing me the way and being absolutely inspiring my entire band-life. She just cut an excellent new album with the legendary producer Jaime Candiloro (Ryan Adam, REM) in which I had the distinct pleasure of hearing a few of the tracks and will be out sometime in the near future, so make sure you make yourself familiar with her work as soon as is humanly possible. DO IT. You’ll fall in love and I think we can all agree that is a good thing.

It was a great end to a busy beginning tour this fall with my best boys Tyson, Dan and Shane, who are currently enjoying the next week off with their families before we fire it up again this Thursday in Vancouver at Venue with the legendary Limblifter, fulfilling our teenage dreams. Well, mine at least. Seriously, they owned the best track off of the original Big Shiny Tunes. That’s right. You remember now.

We have a lot more to come for the next few months folks, so please keep in touch with us and our events in our TOUR section; visit our Facebook, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our Youtube. Here’s a few things listed below going on this weekend that we would love to see you at! Thanks again!

– love jeff, and acres

Thursday, Sept 27 @ Venue, w/ LIMBLIFTER (Vancouver)

Friday, Sept 28 @ Cobblestone Pub, w/ SMALL TOWN VILLAINS (Cobble Hill, Vancouver Island)

Sunday, Sept 30 @ Victoria House Concert Series (Stanley and Balmoral)