Acres Fall Tour Blog #3

“How ’bout you go get me another juicebox, Juicebox!”

– Shane, screaming in Tyson’s continuous juicebox drinking face

You know how sometimes you get bummed out a little bit because you want summer to continue so badly; the warm weather, the barely dressed good-looking people walking around everywhere unashamed with their parts out, the summer treats like iced coffee and slush puppies easily consumed due to your brain being on fire, the boat rides out on the lake for fun and not just fishing or getting rid of cruel mistakes? Well, we were truly blessed for our time in Kelowna. We got to spend 4 magically scorching days in the sun with friends, wake-boarding on lake Okanagan, playing a couple amazing gigs and drinking a seemingly endless supply of delicious Okanagan Springs from a bottomless cooler. Really want to thank our pal Mike Peters for taking us out for the day on his boat for some r&r. It was very much needed!

We also had the chance to play at one of our favorite Canadian venues, Doc Willoughby’s once again, in the intimate, sweaty, classic, touring band, pub punk rock setting, with our local pals Fields Of Green. A band who is currently featured this year in the Peak Performance Project for the second time and who has recently won The Fox Vancouver Seeds competition, and like we’ve said before so many many times, they are great dudes in a great band doing great things this year, and it is always a pleasure sharing the stage with them and their relentless talent, wherever that may be. The surface of the moon one day? Waynestock? Opening for a puppet show at an amusement park? Who knows! But we wish them all the best, those handsome devils.

We’ll talk to you soon, friends. Until next time!

Love you/Miss you/Bye