Acres Fall Tour Blog #2

“Jesus Christ, that’s a big fucking bear!”

– Shane, imitating Gord Downie

So, the handle broke off of our van’s sliding door.. again, leaving us to work as a team, those sitting in the front seats to kindly let everyone out of the back seats lest ye want to make the awkward climb over and out through the passenger door (which makes you look stupid, and you should feel stupid). It is also leaving us to wonder in which cheap-and-easy manner we shall re-attach the handle. Drill it out and screw it back on? Use a screwdriver as a handle? (It works) Tack it on with a welder ala Shane Deyotte welding skills? Decisions, decisions. We will keep you updated on our rolling, soon-to-be flaming, watery prison-grave, but for now, an update!

Like we said earlier, this last week we visited and performed in our hometowns of Castlegar, Nelson and hung out in Cranbrook for a day! It was almost the holy trinity, as Shane grew up in Trail, but it was magic through and through. Everything was still the same as we remembered it, too, except for Zuckerberg Island in Castlegar being flooded (Jeff’s old make-out spot) and Eddy Music in Nelson changing locations (Dan’s old make-out spot).

Currently we’re in Revelstoke with Jobfest 2012, at the Sandman Inn, taking over the pool, the pubs, watching for bears, listening to a lot of the new Gaslight Anthem, and taking in the town for all the beauty that it is. And it really is beautiful. There’s truly something about ski/snowboarding towns that you fall in love with; good vibes, good people, good food, good trains. It’s small, but memorable and with so many great places to play if you’re gypsies like us. We’re definitely going to miss our time here, but we truly hope to be back here as soon as we can.

Tonight is our last night, so we are heading to The Last Drop for some open mic jams and $2.00 beer specials… after we hit the pool and maybe a grand-slam at the 24 hour Denny’s, of course.

Talk soon/Love you/Bye for now