Shane Deyotte, Writing Break and More!

Dear friends, fans and followers,

It gives us great pleasure to formally introduce to you the newest member of Acres Of Lions, Mr. Shane Deyotte!

Shane will be joining us as our permanent drummer, and we would just like to give him a big welcome into the musical, traveling family of roustabouts that is Acres Of Lions. He is a trusted, handsome, loving, talented and long-time friend of the band and we couldn’t be happier having him on board!

For those of you who are undoubtedly curious about where Lewis has gone, we want you all to know that he is happy and has left the band on good terms. We are all still the best of friends and we wish him all the very best at home in Victoria! As you can probably imagine, it was one of the most difficult things to say goodbye to Lewis, as we created and shared Acres Of Lions with him from the ground-up back in 2006, but this is something that had to happen. It’s a part of the life we live, and he will always be a part of our band. We love you, Lewis Carter, forever and always.

As the summer comes to an end, things are slowing down in our world, but only for a moment! We have taken the next 3 weeks off for a writing break, in which we have temporarily moved to Edmonton to squat in an abandoned house, in hopes to have thousands upon thousands of brand new tunes written, hooked and demoed! The details regarding a release date, title and the way, shape or format these sessions will be released in is still being determined, but until then, we ask you to please be patient and know that we will have these new songs out to you as fast as is humanly possible!

To quote Dan Ball for a hint on how these new recordings will sound:

“Man, all I’ve been listening to all summer is Graveyard and Red Fang. Let’s get dirty!”

Thanks for watching and listening, friends! And please, don’t forget about our show here in Edmonton at The Starlite Room on September 2nd! It’s a Sonic Boom After-Party and your ticket stubs from the festival will get you in for free! How’s that for the deal of the year?

– Jeff and Acres