Summer Tour Blog #2

Well hello again, friends!

We hope all of you out there have been having some great summer months! There is so much incredible music and art hitting all the summer festivals this year it is just too crazy to fathom, so we hope you were able to put some time aside and check at least a few of them out! We can assure you that our days have just been packed here in Acres for the last little while, since we last spoke, which has been too long, so we thought “Hey! It’s time for an update!”

Things are beginning to wind down for us at the moment, this month of August marking our 5 and a half month “Tour-iversary!” We can’t even believe it has been nearly half a year since we have stopped moving or payed any significant rent, and we are extremely happy to find that not one of us has perished, suffered an injury, taken ill or went completely mad. We continue to be the best of friends, be homeless but shower regularly (even Dan), make time for extra-curricular activities, visit our friends as often as we can, and most importantly, play the songs we love, in the country we love, to the people we love.

Currently we are residing in the fine city of Edmonton AB, taking the week to sleep in (but continuing to party, of course) and then we are back on our feet to work for the next 3 weeks in the home of the Oilers, where we are renting a house to live in together and write songs, poems and jolly jingles until the cows come home, or until we can write no more! We do not yet know of when our new “masterpiece” will be released, what it will be titled, or in what way, shape or format it will be released in, but we promise you that we will have something new for all you lovely people to listen to as soon as is humanly possible. We also promise it will rule as hard as it can. Our love for pop music remains strong and lustful.

We will also be documenting our stay in Edmonton tediously, and calculating how long it will take until Shane realizes he’s actually joined the band forever, so please be sure to keep in touch and updated with us via our Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and if you are in, near or planning to visit Edmonton any time soon, do not hesitate to message us for epic hangs!

We miss and love all of you, friends! Take care, and please enjoy the press and media listed below. They were the best of times, they were the blurst of times.

Summer Adventures 2012 (Continued)

Steam Whistle Unsigned Series @ The Biltmore Cabaret (Vancouver BC, Solidarity Rock Fundraiser)

Vancouver Weekly

Rock Of The Woods Festival (Cowichan Valley BC)

Amelia Street Block Party (Victoria BC)

Amelia Street Block Party (Continued)

DAMN Magazine

Summerfest 2012 (North Vancouver BC)

The Georgia Straight

Special thanks to these wonderful people, places and things, otherwise known as nouns. You made the rest of our summer: Caesars, The Zone 91.3, Sonic 102.9, The Commonwealth (Calgary AB), Double Fuzz, The Nix Dicksons, Una Pizza and Wine, Ox and Angela, Kelly Black, Jayme McFayden, The Biltmore Cabaret, Steve Lockhart, Familia, Steam Whistle Brewing Company, Solidarity Rock, Rob Wright, Christine Mcavoy, Vancouver Is Awesome, Londsdale Quay Market, Rock Of The Woods, The Wicks, Ryan Rae, Lucky Lager, Dave Bain, Sam Thom Photography, Sunhawk, Lindsey Blane Photography, Amelia Street Block Party, Nick Blasko, Piers Henwood, Atomique Productions, Harmony Arts Festival, The Matinee, Summerfest 2012, Kieth Yerex, Rococode, Scott Ross, Yes Nice, Shake The Lake, Zerbin, California Lane Change and all our friends and families back home! You’re amazing!