Summer Tour Blog #1

To our dearest friends!

We just wanted to drop you all a line from the road to see how you’re doing! We here in Acres sincerely hope you are having the best summer you can this grand year of 2012!

We have now been touring on the roads and airways of Canada for 152 days and our momentum that has been driving us, getting us safe and sound to your beautiful towns and cities, to the endless rock shows and incredible summer festivals, does not appear to be letting up any time soon! And we are so very thankful and humbled, by all of it; the unconditional love, support and hospitality that we have received from all of our fans, our families, our friends, our fellow bands, wayward musicians, concert promoters and organizers we have been sharing stages and many (MANY) a beer with, for the favorable and fine weather that has been holding up all summer, for our tired and thirsty workhorse of a tour van “Van Halen” for keeping us with us as we put on the miles and fill her full of trash and empty bottles. We can’t thank all of you enough for the good times and the memories of a summer well-spent! A very special thanks to Audioblood Media, The Edge 102.1, Power 104, Colin Carrier and Doc Willoughby’s, Wet Ape Productions, Music BC, The Little Black Dress, and our temporary Toronto roommates Natalie and Andrea for putting us up for a week!

We also want to welcome our brother Lewis Carter back on the throne for awhile! We want you to know that he is still the PBR-crushing, Wendy’s-devouring, denim-clad champion he has always been, even after 4 months off! He’s rehearsed, fired up and ready to go, and like we said, the Acres Of Lions “Forever Summer Tour 2012”, the tour where we are everywhere at once and will most likely not survive until the end, is not over yet! We still have so much to come and so many miles to go! Here’s a link to our upcoming summer tour dates, which include the Steam Whistle Unsigned Series in Vancouver, the Shake The Lake Festival in Sylvan Lake AB, the Rock Of The Woods Festival on Vancouver Island and many more! Be sure to find out the when and where we will be with or near you so you can keep in touch with us and come out to some of these great events!

Also, for those of you who are just checking in with us this moment, here’s some media and photo galleries covering the last few weeks of our events, exploits, activities and general summertime jack-assery directly following our Jobfest 2012 tour, a recap including our performances at Keloha Music and Arts Festival in Kelowna BC and Edgefest 2012 in Toronto ONT, a trip to and tour of the Steam Whistle Brewery also in Toronto, a short stop in Edmonton to visit our old pals in Greater Than Giants and Ten Second Epic, a concert up in Fort McMurray AB with Hedley and our most recent, the Kulth Music Festival in Coombs BC.

This entire trip we have had the distinct pleasure of sharing the stage with some incredible acts such as Yukon Blonde, Said The Whale, Library Voices, The Balconies, The Little Black Dress, The Coppertone, Dan Mangan, The Dudes, Jon and Roy, The Joy Formidable, Mike Edel, The Boom Booms, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Tokyo Police Club, The Sheepdogs, Good For Grapes, Young Pacific, The Archers, The Pack AD and many more. The point is, if you haven’t checked out any or all of these yet, be sure to do it ASAP! You shan’t regret it!

Please enjoy all of the following content, and make sure to keep in touch by checking back here, following us on twitter and subscribing to our ridiculousness on Youtube.

More news to come very soon! Thanks again, pallies!

Summer Adventures


Edgefest 2012

Love, Acres