Jobfest 2012 Blog (Entry 26)

June 29th – July 2nd

Tyson walks onto the stage, dressed like a full on cowboy.

Jeff: “Well, well, well. If it isn’t the eternal cowboy himself.”

Dan: “Nice hat, hoss.”

Cody: “This feels right.”

Well hot damn! Welcome to the historic Williams Lake Stampede!

We had the pleasure of spending 3 whole days here with Jobfest 2012, seeing through the stampede in its entirety; the rodeo, the barn dance, the bull-riding, the wild horse-roping, the cow-milking(?) Yes, it was an insanely awesome time, where we got to play dress-up for a few days and don some southern accents, some very fine hats and some flawless plaid shirts. We weren’t proud of being walking, talking stereotypes, but it was fun, and it DID allow us rather easy access into the nighttime crowds down at the stampede, where the Coors Light and good cheer were plentiful, and the music was excellent. A big shout out to our new pallies in “Savage West” for knocking our socks on their ass with your classic rock mastery, and for teaching us how to mount beer cozies on our mic stands the proper, western way!

Other than working on some new tunes and making friends with some of the awesome William’s Lake locals, including a quick interview with Eric Sannes from 97.5FM The Wolf and great performances by local rockers Dynamic Downfall, we got to explore Williams Lake in full, Dan and I visiting some old haunts from our youth, the places we used to play in our past musical endeavors, the old Legion Hall, The Longhouse, The Limelight. It was a great time reminiscing, and a lot of Dan saying things like “Dude! Remember the time I puked in that parking lot!” and “Dude! Remember that dilapidated shit-shack of a house we stayed in that one time where that dude made his iguana fight his ferret?” Charming stuff like that. Shameful reminders of where we came from and the silly things we experienced before touring became our life, in which I reply “Yes, Dan. Those were some crazy times.”

Our time is almost up here in WL, but it’s off to Barkerville tomorrow for a quick sight-seeing adventure before setting up Jobfest in Quesnel! Exciting!

See you soon, pallies! Yee-haw, and such!

– Jeff, and those other partners in Acres