Jobfest 2012 Blog (Entry 25)

June 26th and 27th

“Glitter is the Herpes of the Theater World.”

– A true statement from our sound-tech, Bryan Cutler

What a day!

Not only was the weather perfect, but so was each and everyone in Vanderhoof who came out to Jobfest 2012 today! We can’t thank you enough for the support, and hopefully your Jobfest/Acres Of Lions experience was just what you were looking for, in future career direction and in music! A big shout out to our new pals Jesse Modz from 94XFM for hanging out today and broadcasting the event, and for bringing along his wonderful girlfriend Chelsea, who we also want to thank for letting Tyson and Dan celebrate her birthday, and for pruning Dan’s hair into a true mullet.

Unfortunately, there was a power failure, our generator was unable to handle so much immense rock we’re guessing, but we tried to make it up for the folks who came out to Riverside Park to see us with a few acoustic tunes, a couple covers, and Dan heckling Jeff the entire time. We hope it was entertaining in the least, and again, apologies to everyone who came out for our last set expecting it to be mind-crushing rock and roll. We rocked as hard as we could, Tenacious D style. Dan’s Dad also hung out with us all day and put up with our antics. What a champ!

It was a solid day, and if we could consume more energy drinks, donuts and coffee, we would, but I think we’ve pushed our capacity for caffeine and treats today.

We’ll see you at the William’s Lake Stampede, pallies! Should be a gen-u-ine hoot and a holler!

– Jeff, and those other cowboys in Acres