Jobfest 2012 Blog (Entry 24)

June 22nd-25th

“Also, make sure to say Hi to the Acres Of Lions bass-player, Dan Ball. He came out of the womb and into this world in a jean jacket, and that’s same way he’ll check out.”

– Aaron Joseph, our wonderfully clever Jobfest MC

The days are just packed, just as a summer tour should be!

Just wanted to send everyone an update as we move through Fraser Lake and Fort St. James Jobfest 2012 activations, and say that we have definitely been whining too much about the rising heat and the summer is not even at its hottest point yet. The sleeves, socks and pants have come off and we, well we certainly appear to, mean business these days. And also, we want to mention that Dave Ball, the father of our 4-string wonder, Dan Ball, has joined our adventure for the next little while. He’s one hell of a guy, let us make that clear!

Fraser Lake was a long day in the sun and most of us ended up getting heat-stroke and calling it a night nice and early. We pretty much got sunburns on our sunburns and the night consisted of us trying not to move, lathering up each others backs with aloe, and watching Doctor Who. Yes, the newer series.

Fort St. James, on the other hand, was a gift from heaven. Not only was our buddy Jesse Modz from Prince George’s 94X FM there once again to cover the bustling show with a live feed and get everyone stoked, but due to the winds, we had to move Jobfest inside for the day, in the cool and comforting safety of shade, of the Fort St. James Forum Arena. The heat really takes it out of you, and right now we are currently trying to wrap our heads around how Dan Ball can live in complete comfort, day in and day out, 24/7, in his jean jacket. He says “It makes him look cooler than most,” which is definitely debatable, but he may be right.

The rest of the nights we spent around a campfire in Fort St James, at our quaint little lakeside motel, eating more meat than we could handle (or is acceptable, healthy, etc) drinking expensive (but free) wine out of paper cups, singing Disney songs we never thought we’d remember and taking “The Pelican,” our aptly named shoreline discovery of a leaky old paddle-boat out on the water. It doesn’t look at all dangerous, but on the third ride, it sprung a bigger leak.

Anyways, folks, it’s off to Vanderhoof for us kids in Jobfest 2012, for some more fun in the sun and a further visit with the man, the legend, the Dad who raised our bass-player into the well-oiled machine he is today, Dave Ball.

– Jeff, and those other summer-campers in Acres