Jobfest 2012 Blog (Entry 23)

June 20th and 21st

“Someone needs to sign my nipples right now. I don’t care who. Now. Not later. NOW.”

– Some kid at Jobfest, who we witnessed consuming 3 Red Bulls in under 20 minutes

At last, our glorious return to Burns Lake!

It had to be one of the hottest days at Jobfest 2012 by far, as our the crew’s collective and silly farmer-tans turned into sunburns. Our Jobfest crew pal Monica, the smart girl that she is, ran out in the middle of the day and purchased the biggest bottle of aloe-vera lotion you’ve ever seen, in preparation for our night of red-armed and shouldered agony. We even filled our hotel bathtub with ice, contemplating extreme measures to relieve the discomfort, but we figured it wasn’t worth the extra pain, and shame, so filled our glasses with it instead. A big thank you to everyone who came out to the site. It was a killer day in the sun!

Later that night we cooled off with some good company Jobfest site, including our community liaison Murphy, our Jobfest pal Jessica, our freelance photojournalist Eric, and our new friend Luke Strimbold, who, at 21, has become the youngest mayor of any town in the history of British Columbia. We gotta send a big thank you out his way for his hospitality, for doing such a great job and for bringing Jobfest 2012 and us dirt-bags in Acres Of Lions to Burns Lake. He’s a solid person, and he even let us kick back at his place for a little bit, exchange some stories and listen to Patrick Stump and Ke$ha till the “cows came home.” They didn’t, but it got late. It’s just an expression handed down from our fathers that we’ve started using again, oddly enough.

We are spending some time with the good people at the Aboriginal Fair tomorrow afternoon and then it’s off to Fraser Lake for some more good times in the sun! See you soon, folks!

– Jeff, and those silly geese in Acres