Jobfest 2012 Blog (Entry 22)

June 17th and 18th

“Mommy, can I have them for my Birthday??”

– Erin, the sweetest little girl in the world, in regards to our band

Houston was one of the best Jobfest 2012 activations and shows of the tour so far!

We started the day at the Houston Secondary School, entertaining and playing a few songs for The Wolverines, the lovely boys and girls that make up the Houston Marching Band. We discussed the joys, and the hardships, of being in a full-time touring band, gave a little advice on how to start your very own from the ground up and Dan also explained the greatness of “hitting the smoke-pit to and from jazz band class” that used to exist when he was in high school. We would like to send a special thank you The Wolverines and to their wonderful teacher and coordinator Margaret Letkeman for making this happen. It was a truly great morning.

And a great morning was followed by an even greater afternoon and night, as we set up Jobfest 2012 at the Jamie Baxter Memorial park, which is also a bmx track and skate park, and it seems the whole community was privy to the event. We got to play our 3 sets on a beautifully crafted performance stage for all the locals, under the sun, our sweat drawing every mosquito out from hiding, and you could truly feel the love and enjoyment from everyone who came down. We’ve never signed so many autographs, and on the surface of so many random and strange objects I might add, in our life. The Wolverines even played some classics together right before our evening performance, including a rendition of “Smoke on the water” and the “Ninja Turtles” theme song, proving, once again, there is a reason that classics stay classics.

It’s a been a long day here in Houston, so it looks like we’re just gonna kick back around a campfire tonight, with some local home-brews and see where that takes us. Thanks again for today everyone. It was a dream.

– Jeff, and those other scarecrows in Acres