Jobfest 2012 Blog (Entry 20)

June 9th and 10th

Jeff: “Shane, let’s fire up the BBQ M’man.

Shane: “A.Y.C.H.B.”

‘Abbreviated way of saying “All You Can Handle, Bro.”‘

Oh my, what a fine day!

Before we made tracks for Chetwynd, our next Jobfest 2012 stop on the map, we had a beautiful Saturday afternoon off in Dawson Creek. So we hit the butcher shop, the bottle shop and thus began preparations for an ultimate BBQ with our good pal Becky, and our buds in The Sunday Glow, Shane, Eric and Gary.

The truly great part about this plan was that since Shane lived up here in the creek as a welder for a bit and is an amazing dude, he made some amazing friends. For instance, Jordan, who invited us up to his lovely family home to have this BBQ, to use his grill and facilities, to jam on his enormous patio and to play a game we here in Acres of Lions like to call “Beer Darts,” on his front lawn until we passed out in the sun, or someone got it in the leg. Observe:

The next day was my 27th birthday, and following the Jobfest 2012 activation in Chetwynd at the Northern Lights community college, again with The Sunday Glow and 3 incredibly sweaty performances by yours truly, we headed back to the hotel, got a room for Shane and the boys and quite literally, let the good times roll. A lot of the evening is pretty blurry, a fine mess you could call it, a few snapshots here and there of me screaming New Found Glory lyrics into Dan’s face, making some inappropriate phone-calls in the middle of the night to some people I barely know and getting massive indigestion from a free birthday shot containing cream and tabasco (I think they call that a Prairie Fire) and because I’m getting older, I imagine I will get indigestion and gall stones from everything I ingest. Them’s the brakes. I guess I’ll have to go off of my “service station diet” for a little bit.

A huge thank you to Jordan and his family for hosting an amazing BBQ and letting us lounge around on their property in Dawson Creek like a bunch of dirt-bags and rip up the side of a mountain in a storm on their ATV’s, and also, the entire Jobfest 2012 crew for being a bunch of beauties. I have never felt so welcome by another group of people, or felt such generosity. It was a birthday to (kind of) remember!

We’ll see you in Smithers, folks! Onward and upward, or whatever.

– jeff, and those other hand-models in Acres