Jobfest 2012 Blog (Entry 19)

June 7th and 8th

Local man in bar: “Hey dude, I really like your band! Do you have a card or something you could give me?”

Dan: “Absolutely, m`man!”

‘pulls cards out of pocket and they fall on the floor along with some pennies, a cigarette lighter and a Trojan’

Local man in bar, dumbfounded: “Wow. Classic.”

Hell yeah! We managed to play 3 shows in 24 hours this weekend!

The fun started Thursday night in Grande Prairie ALB, at BJ’s Sports Bar, with some of our best old buds from Toronto, a band called The Sunday Glow. These beauties were touring out this way so we though we’d book a couple gigs on the side of Jobfest while they were here. We are so happy it worked out. The weekend definitely started early, and we had some good old fashioned, rock and roll hangs for a night in Alberta. In the words of Dan Ball, “Good brews. Good bros. Good province.”

The next day we were in Dawson Creek, back in time for Jobfest 2012 at the Dawson Creek Arena, where we shared the stage again with The Sunday Glow and a young bunch of local charmers known as Free Trial Queen. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor show and also, exploring downtown Dawson Creek. It has some amazing cafes and thrift stores, and also, an incredible butcher shop supplied by all the surrounding local farms, if you like meat, meat and even more meat. We really like meat, especially meat of this fine quality. Meat.

The third gig was also with The Sunday Glow (as if it wouldn’t be?) at a local bar called Rockwell’s. We’ve never been so excited to get back to playing a bar gig at night, especially one of which where ALL the locals come out to support and kick back to some loud music. And I will admit, we were pretty damn loud, and it felt good, even with our makeshift PA system barely hanging in there, crackling and screaming out vocals, about to expire. There were definite good vibes and cheer from everyone, and even the Jobfest crew came out to support after work, just in time for the giant punk rock sing-along to The Sunday Glow`s version of Duckpond by Millencolin. Favourite.

It was an incredible night, that lasted, well, all night really, until the sun came up, which is earlier than usual this far up North. And do you know what the best part about staying up until the early morning and stumbling back to your hotel is? Three words: CONTINENTAL WAFFLE BREAKFAST.

It`s the stuff dreams are made of.

– Jeff, and those other farm animals in Acres