Jobfest 2012 Blog (Entry 18)

June 4th and 5th

Dan: “I love summer weather. We can have BBBQ‘s! The extra B is for BYOBB!”

Jeff: “What’s THAT extra B for?”

Dan: “That’s a typo.”

Well if it isn’t the energetic city of Fort St. John!

Total flood-fest! We spent a few rainy days here in town, our Jobfest performance being stripped down to a solo performance due to the whole bulk of our equipment not being waterproof thing, where there was a lot of experimental out of control delay (or “space sounds” as some of the older folk call it), old punk rock covers and a few certain Jobfest crew members braving the stage and helping us out with a few backing vocals. I mean, they hear the same songs every day, they know the songs as we do, why not come up and sing always? We can really get behind that sort of thing.

We also had some downtime to kill, so as expected, there were some creative food endeavors executed accordingly, keeping a themed mind-set of “Breakfast for Dinner” and an insane preoccupying crave for fresh salsa. It was wonderful and delicious.

We also hit the double-feature at the Cineplex, a painfully discontinuous but visually stunning (mostly from Charlize Theron) viewing of Snow White and the Huntsman, followed by the dorky, nostalgic, 3 dimensional onslaught of awesome, The Avengers. Putting both Mark Ruffalo and Cobie Smulders in a Marvel masterpiece such as this was a major bright idea on Joss Whedon’s part. Total babes. If you haven’t seen it yet, or think super hero movies are lame, quit it and go see it.

It’s off to Grande Prairie for us, friends! We have booked a one-off show with our best buds The Sunday Glow, a rock band to end all rock bands. Bring it on, Alberta!

– jeff, and those other scantily clad gentleman in Acres