Jobfest 2012 Blog (Entry 17)

June 2nd and 3rd

Driving off the highway, into the woods, down a path to the Prophet River Jobfest site:

Jeff: “Dan, I think I hear wolves howlin’ for you, bud!”

Dan: I think any dog who decides to make a meal out of me will be extremely disappointed when they find I am made of sand, alcohol and rubber.”

Dan steps out of the van and is immediately surrounded by dogs (true story)

Prophet River was extremely fun!

It started off a cold day, as we set up in a field next to the community centre, the locals who came down for the day building a giant roaring campfire for everyone to stay warm and cook food if they like. They also brought their dogs with them (the ones that surrounded Dan cuz he smells of warm deli-meats) so we were pretty much surrounded by puppies ALL DAY LONG. It was all pretty nostalgic, everything smelling like wood-smoke all day, all the kids making s’mores, and us playing all the sports we could handle (haha). It finally felt like summer had kicked in.

It warmed up halfway through the day and the sun was a welcome sight. We changed up the songs in our sets and added a few new ones to make things a bit more interesting and the Jobfest crew seemed to really enjoy it, something different that is. It felt like less of a grind and we just had fun with it. We have been playing the same 3 sets the whole tour so far, and we didn’t realize how intently the crew listened in. They are amazing people, and it is a serious pleasure to be entertaining them each and every show.

We celebrated the beautiful day by hanging out with all the locals after our sets and keeping active, something that is a struggle for us, but is an absolute MUST on the road. You gotta make time for it! Dan spent his day between sets under his magical spot, stage-left, which I had always noticed, but didn’t really notice how hilarious it was until this day. Cody, Tyson and I had an intense “flight wheel” match before our last set. We find it’s the easiest, and safest way to keep active between destinations on long drives, or if you have some legit down-time. There was also a “prison rules” football game going on in the field and kids doing sweet jumps and launching over things on their bmx’ all day. They were champs.

We headed back to Fort Nelson for the evening, to rest our aching, never-been-used-or-stretched areas of our bodies, and prepared for our journey back to Fort St. John. Should be an amazing drive, and let’s pray we don’t run afoul of any road dangers, friends!

Talk to you soon!

-jeff, and the other all-stars from Acres