Jobfest 2012 Blog (Entry 16)

May 28th – June 1st

Jeff: “Hey bro, what doin’ tonight?”

Dan: “I might stay in. I got some wine, gonna steal some bubble bath and watch Enterprise.”

Jeff: “You’re such a catch.”

Dan: “Yeah man, I’m totally taking myself out on a date.”

Our almost week in Fort Nelson was a good one!

We had the pleasure of staying in a Ramada that had awesome kitchenettes where we had, and experimented with, many various culinary endeavors, such as tacos, cooking a whole chicken and Beer-Gueritas, where you blend ice in with a couple Coronas and some limeade. Trust us, they’re delicious. It was insanely hot here the whole week so hardly anyone wore sleeves or pants, lending some hilarity to impending farmer tans that are slowly enveloping us and the entire Jobfest 2012 crew. Amazing.

On the way up here to Fort Nelson, we unfortunately drove over a piece of tire shrapnel, that was much bigger than anticipated, and with no where to swerve or avoid it, it ended up breaking Van Halen’s exhaust pipe off of her catalytic converter, making her sound like a majestic, beastly, hot-rod of a vehicle. We were out of range for BCAA to come out and tow us (gold package… whatever) so we decided to “pull a MacGyver” underneath, and stabilize the exhaust pipe with half a roll of duct tape and a bass guitar string. And hey, guess what? It worked… well aside from the duct tape melting off after 20km, but we made it to Fort Nelson and got her on fixed the very next morning:

The Jobfest 2012 site was a sweaty heat-wave of a day, but it was nice to see so many awesome people out enjoying our sets, the free Jobfest swag, which again are iPods and iPads among various other odds and ends, and of course our amazing community speakers, one of them being the owner and operator of the “Down To Earth Health Shop,” Kym Gillett, that we visited almost every day for their amazing creations and healthy alternatives to our usual “Service Station Diet.” Seriously, an incredible place to visit if you’re ever up north and need to make yourself feel 100% better. What a gem, and some of the nicest, and healthiest, people ever. It was a pleasure.

Also, a big thank you to the people putting on the Fort Nelson “2012 Relay For Life” for letting us sing a few acoustic songs with some amazing kids (including Call Me Maybe, which they knew every word to obvs) and big ups to the all the kids from Fort Nelson Secondary who made Jobfest show amazing by being so enthusiastic and hanging out all day. You guys rule something amazing.

Off to Prophet River, folks! Stay tuned!

– Jeff, and those metal-heads in Acres