Jobfest 2012 Blog (Entry 15)

May 25th-27th

“Dude, the doctor I had came in wearing flip-flops and a t-shirt and looked exactly like Steve Nash. It was amazing all day. I was all like, Go Suns!”

– Cody Beer on his visit to the Mackenzie Health Centre

We write to you from Mackenzie BC!

Established in 1967 by Alexandra Forest Industries (BC Forest Products), Mackenzie is a beautiful part of our province, operating and existing on forestry and metallurgy, the very stuff of our planet, and is also home to the World’s Largest Tree Crusher, in which we recommend not to play on. It is not a toy, it is not a toy, it is NOT a toy:

We were really excited to set up Jobfest and play in Mackenzie! Not only was the weather nice enough to help us all work on our sunburn, but the site and stage was a short walk from our hotel, and our hotel was connected to a mall and a grocery store, and the mall was connected to a recreation centre, which was connected to a pool and a gym. Everyone was happy. We felt like moving in there were so many activities.

And the show was excellent! It was an amazing turnout with lots of awesome and enthusiastic kids! There was a particularly inspiring speech by the Vice Principle Martin Dugan of Mackenzie Secondary describing small-town life and the desire to become something outside of your hometown. Our new friend Tom Tweed, who owns and operates his show “Rock’N’Roll Treasures” on CHMM-FM Radio in Mackenzie was also there covering the festival, his radio-exuberance unmatched, and we even got to do a quick interview with him for the local station. We had a great day and drank a whole case of Red Bull. Why, you ask? Because it’s there.

Unfortunately, Cody caught a malicious 24-hour stomach bug and we had to take him to the hospital for a diagnosis. He was the most poorly we had ever seen him and it hurt our hearts. But he pulled through like a champ, and returned promptly to the hotel. He was still a little delirious from the exhaustion of vomiting overnight, but was happy to report that his doctor looked exactly like #13 NBA all-star, Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns.

All is well, all is right and now we are off to Fort Nelson. I’m sure it will be an adventurous and scenic 10 hour drive! Enjoy the nice weather, friends. More updates soon!

– Jeff, and those other divas in Acres