Jobfest 2012 Blog (Entry 14)

May 23rd and 24th

Dan Ball is in a liquor store and attempts to buy a single bottle of Bud Light Lime.

Clerk: “K, so if you’re going to buy just one beer and hate it, why don’t you just get this.”

‘Hands Dan an Innis and Gunn’

Dan Ball: “Touche.”

Oh, Prince George! What a beauty!

We began the day with a fancy breakfast, in which we prepared in our friend Becky’s hotel room with faulty, dull and ancient appliances, that threatened fire, blood and doom, an effort to pay her back for finding Jeff’s phone after he had briefly misplaced it when he became a momentary bar-star in Prince George. For 2 hours we felt like a little, awkward family unit, and we were so pleased with how our meal turned out, and to know that we had not alerted the fire department with our efforts. What do you think, is a breakfast sandwich of this quality a fair trade for finding Jeff’s phone?

Not only was the weather fantastic our second time around here, but the turnout to our day at Jobfest 2012 at the Prince George Civic Centre was most fantastic! There were some amazing speakers, a great band we got to share our stage and make friends with called “The Statistics,” and also, a 13 year old break-dancing wonder named Cole, who danced his ass off and who we are currently discussing taking on tour with us to be our Jobfest 2012/Acres of Lions, official mascot.

Following the long evening at Jobfest, we made plans with our new friend Jesse Modz, a fine gentleman from the local Prince George Modern Rock station, ‘94XFM‘, for a night on the town visiting some choice establishments (it may or may not have been a club called ‘Alibis’), a brief interview down at the station, some reminiscing of simpler times and some nostalgic albums, such as this one:

And now, we’re heading out to Mckenzie, for a few days in the sun, and possibly some lakeside camping. It’s looking so good right now. Talk to you soon, friends!

– jeff, and the other emo-kids in Acres