Jobfest 2012 Blog (Entry 13)

May 19th-22nd

“I’m glad I finally found an instrument that’s the same timbre as my voice.”

– Dan Ball when referring to the Banjo

After a couple days off in Prince George, where we did lots of laundry, took advantage of the Sandman Inn’s pool and fitness room, and spent a great deal of time losing our cell-phones and destroying our eardrums while dancing at a local club called “The Generator” (and promptly being kicked out for dancing a little TOO well, I might add), where we bonded as a team accompanied by the fine quality of an Earls restaurant (Oh, Earls…) and Dan Ball played banjo until the sun came up, we finally reach McBride BC!

McBride is a charming little town with a population of 700, located in the Robson Valley region of BC, and as our caravan made our way to it down the magic of the Yellowhead highway, we were greeted by an amazing, and inexpensive establishment, know as the “Heartland Diner.” We ate there many times in the 2 days and it was worth every communal breakfast, home-made pie-eating contest, late-night snacking moment. Foodies unite!

The Jobfest 2012 set-up was an indoor one again, on account of the cross-winds and what we are now calling “momentary sun-hail, most likely accompanied by sudden downpour/snow” (yep, those are things) inside a the beautiful, wooden, chamber-reverb acoustic hall of the McBride community centre. Ahh, to tame the sound-beast once again!

We spent the day playing music with some killer local acts, one of which was called “Family Feud,” a singing multi-instrumental family who made us smile huge (such talent under one roof), challenging kids to “Rockband” competitions in which we lost horribly and were glad we placed no bets, and also, writing some new tunes, eating some of the best burgers provided by Glenn and Rita, proud owners of “The Chuckwagon,” whilst visiting the local pub called “The Giggling Grizzly,” where we hung out with some of our new friends we made at the festival. It was a smashing good time. So much crammed in to 2 days. Amazing.

We will be heading back to Prince George very soon! Looks like it’s gonna be a blast, and with some good weather on the way, we are the happiest campers! Stoked!

– jeff, and all that other hoopla in Acres